Marketing Automation Tricks That You Should Have Up Your Sleeve!

Marketing Automation Tricks That You Should Have Up Your Sleeve!

Marketers have a plethora of discussion about Marketing Automation and plenty of marketers are infatuated with it. Marketing teams have myriad jobs that are pretty repetitive such as emails, social media presence, running ads, website actions, etc.

Is that where the marketing automation kicks in? Yes! The marketing departments nowadays automate the repetitive tasks and help to make it easier thereby saving a lot of man-hours.

Automation is the next big frontier in marketing.

Marketing Automation

For your successful B2B marketing automation, here go a few tips:

1. Content Strategy

Content creation is one of the most imperative and crucial factors for modern day marketing, especially for small businesses. It is high time to stop underestimating the power of strong content. Marketing automation can find your target audience and figure out which leads to communicate with and at what time. But the message you send to communicate plays a very significant role. The content in your message has a huge impact and can massively improve your conversion rates.

2. Marking The Repetitive Tasks

To unleash the full potential of your platform you need to know what are the repetitive tasks that are consuming a lot of time. While mentioning repetitive tasks it can be anything from updating CRM to nurturing and following up leads. These tasks prove to be a perfect candidate for automation. Automating these repetitive tasks saves a lot of time of your representatives and will definitely work with higher perfection. While figuring out automation you should also keep in mind integrations, since any platform which can integrate with things like Facebook ads or the existing payment processing software can expand the range of the task you can automate tremendously.

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3. Putting Data In Its Place

One of the most crucial reasons why companies fail in establishing marketing automation as they fail to recognize the data based insights within automation. This is a major problem because low-quality data or inappropriate data can damage your marketing efforts to a significant level. The marketing teams that have poor data hygiene usually face a problem in launching an appropriate campaign. It might affect the customer relationship or might even damage it. Usually, companies with CRM data face this issue as they do not audit their databases regularly. At times the systems lack built-in cross-referencing capabilities. If your business is gathering data from multiple sources then you can probably imagine the margin of error automation can face. To take maximum advantage of marketing automation pay up for a sturdy CRM system which will act as the centre of your outreach efforts.

4. Build Agile Programs

With automation, you have the ability for real-time feedback and can build your programs over time. However, you have the scope to learn to build your nurturing programs in an agile format. For example, consider building the nurturing programs which shoot three mails at a time. This allows you a minimum of three weeks before you have to go for the next sets. Thereby the next email campaign will be based purely on data and not opinions. A similar concept also applies to the domain of social media ads and retargeting ads. Create two different themes and run it on the same audience for both and figure out the ones which earn more view, whereby you can take the decision of the next step using the set of winning ads. So the timing and approach can be easily decided and amount spend can be set accordingly.

5. Retargeting Prospects

The landing pages created in a marketing automation platform proves to be of utmost importance. As it gives the provision to add certain logic to the campaigns you create. For example, if a prospect arrives at the landing page and goes without filling the form then probably you can approach them with an email or an offer for their required service after a while and you can watch your conversion rates soar high.

B2B marketing Automation Tips

A few still consider marketing automation as a hump but at the end of the discussion, you will realize that embracing automation will improve your sales and smoothen the workflow. It helps to solve daily difficulties to a great extent spanning across from launching leads to breaking down and interpreting data. When companies switch to CRM and data led marketing automation the difference is visible and the difference is huge.

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