What to Expect from The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019?

What to Expect from The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019?

The annual event held by Apple, Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is almost here! Commencing on June 3, 2019, it will take place in the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

Though the conference is mostly developer-centric, people who are not engineers are equally excited about it. The reason is the keynote speaker Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, who will showcase the latest software enhancements in the conference.

As Apple has not clearly announced any of the enhancements/products yet, we have listed a few things that we might get to witness at the WWDC 2019.

What to expect from the WWDC 2019?

New Mac Pro:

Apple started working on a new Mac Pro in 2017, and since then, people are waiting for its reveal. At this year’s WWDC, this new product might make an appearance, finally. It is expected to be much more modular, with a conventional design.

Along with that, the display of their new high-end desktop Mac will be enhanced, as previously confirmed by the company. The rumors say that it might incorporate “mini-LED” backlighting.

MacOS 10.15:

In 2018, Apple initiated the project that would aid iOS app development companies in building Mac apps with the help of the same UIKit framework used for iOS apps, besides the already-supported AppKit framework used nowadays. This project was code-named ‘Marzipan’. A sneak-peek given by Apple showed what this will look like, with 4 main applications in macOS Mojave: Home, Stocks, Voice Recorder, and News. The all-new macOS 10.15 will have improved versions of these apps, with a lot of other applications as well.

iTunes, a music player by Apple, is also expected to have a break-down into different apps, with separate Apple TV, Podcasts, Apple Music, etc.

iOS 13:

Since the release of iOS 7 in 2013, other versions from there on did not receive any major changes, except a few design tweaks. Apple dropped the skeuomorphic design and went for a minimal interface.

With iOS 13, Apple is coming back with some major alterations made to the software. It is expected that iOS 13 will incorporate more new animations. A new dark mode that can be swapped with the white interface to a softer black and gray interface is also underway.

Various other Apple apps such as Maps, Mail, Books, Reminders, etc. are getting makeovers, incorporating brand new features.
In order for users to easily track their lost devices, Apple will combine Find My Friends and Find My iPhone, reportedly.

WatchOS 6:

There might be chances that Apple WatchOS 6 will make an appearance at the WWDC 2019. One of the biggest rumors doing the rounds is that the Apple Watch might have its own App Store. If this turns out to be true, it will enable browsing and downloading Apple Watch apps right on the Watch.

Deemed as a health-focused wearable device, Apple is rumored to implement various noise and volume alerts. These alerts will help in notifying you when the volume in your earphones/noise around you is loud and could damage your hearing. Brand new apps like the “Doses” app to remind you to take timely medication and the “Cycles” app to track menstruation cycles are making an appearance with the launch of WatchOS 6. Furthermore, a Voice Memos app and a new Calculator app are going to be right on the device.

These are some of the updates that we are expecting to hear about at the WWDC 2019 event. The event is going to be absolutely grand and incredible. For more information, check out MWC Barcelona 2019.

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