Top 6 UI Design Trends for 2021: 3D Designs, Glassmorphism, and more

Top 6 UI Design Trends for 2021: 3D Designs, Glassmorphism, and more

User interface not only satisfies users’ aesthetic requirements but also provides them with a high level of usability. We have picked six UI trends that will surely stick around in 2021. A wise combination of these trends will take your designing skills to the next level and boost up your UI designing capabilities!

Top 6 UI Design Trends for 2021

1. Mixed Typeface

Being an ever-evolving phenomenon, the mixed typeface is going to be a prominent UI trend in 2021. Mixing typefaces helps in establishing the content hierarchy and creating visual interest. This technique does wonders for a sentence or even a title by elevating the emphasis and focus.
Pro tip: Choose virtually any sans serif and combine it with any serif of your choice. The two typefaces work really well together. The combination creates a good design. As the sans serif has slightly increased readability compared to serif, it turns out to be a great fit for the body of the text.

2. 3D / Immersive Experience

The clients are channeling towards offering an immersive experience to their users by incorporating 3D designs into their applications and websites. 3D designs give a certain type of texture, depth, and shadow which bring users an experience closer to the real world. 3D designs, be it the typography or the 3D illustrations, add an extra dimension to the overall look and feel of the final product.

3. Soft Gradients

This is the era of minimalism. Designs that are flashy and incorporate bright gradients are out of the window. Gradients give the image volume and depth, and it is hard to achieve them if the gradients consist of screaming colors.

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4. Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is one of those trends in UI that is gaining popularity rapidly. Apple’s macOS Big Sur, which made an appearance in 2020, incorporates such a design.

But what is Glassmorphism? It is a frosted-glass effect that is used to blur out the background. The users can see through layers. These layers allow viewing the structure in a hierarchy. The catch is to only make the fill transparent, not the entire shape. That would create the desired effect. A colorful background works best under Glassmorphism.

5. Micro Interaction

Micro-interactions add incredible value in offering a humane experience to the end-users. Apart from being important from an ROI or utility point of view, micro-interactions increase the chances of making the customers stay and experience the product/service properly, helping generate positive word-of-mouth.

6. Comics and Pop-art

2021 will see a lot of designs that use colors in quirky, unexpected ways. These designs make a statement by coloring objects in colors they normally aren’t. Comic and pop-art allow one to be creative and playful and create designs that are fun and entice excitement in users.

Which of the trends mentioned above did you find the most exciting? What will be your go-to design trend in 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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Nauman AhmadTop 6 UI Design Trends for 2021: 3D Designs, Glassmorphism, and more