Salesforce Testing VS Other Testing

Salesforce Testing VS Other Testing

Testing is the foremost important aspect when it comes to software development. It lets developers know whether the software is working as expected. It helps businesses explore the loopholes and determine the quality and effectiveness of the software. There are different types of testing that developers use. While using various other techniques, some developers prefer testing in Salesforce. Let’s first begin with knowing the importance of testing, and then we will discuss whether Salesforce testing is better than other testing software.

Manual testing

Why is testing important?

When software is developed, the testing is done to check whether there are bugs that the team is supposed to fix and improve the quality before the product goes to the consumers. Though many organizations consider testing to be an exhaustive process both in terms of labor and cost, they often forget that how else will they know whether the product is efficiently working or not! Software testing comes into play to create the best product which operates smoothly and has no loopholes for the consumers to complain about. Here are some reasons why testing software is important-

  • Enhances the product quality
  • Creates a cost-effective product that stays on the market
  • Increases customer loyalty via an efficient product manufacturing
  • Reduces the risk of product failure


Salesforce Testing

The commonly used consumer relationship management tool in the market, Salesforce provides numerous tools ranging from sustaining the organization’s relationship with the consumer and reducing manual labor of maintaining the data storage servers.

In SFDC testing, when an error or any issue is detected, the tester ensures that the customized codes are being tested rather than testing other built-in functions in Salesforce. Salesforce QA runs on the development language APEX, and it provides the testers with built-in test cases to let the developers check their custom codes. You can also prefer salesforce automation testing to get rid of tedious tasks.

Salesforce Testing tips

  • Must include regression testing, UI testing, system and integration testing, and functional testing
  • Cautiousness during UI testing as on Salesforce, max of the web pages are Visual Force Pages, and all the elements of pages might not get loaded at once
  • Use a test management tool to document your test cases
  • Enforcing automation testing is possible on Salesforce
  • Construct and test workflows using roles of various users
  • Create functional flows to run the entire application and check the functions

Testing in other technologies

No organization now runs manual testing anymore but uses various software not confined to corporate walls. Nowadays, products can be tested on open-source technologies, distributed teams, and automated processes. Here are some of the favorites among the developers to test their products-

a. Artificial Intelligence

Though artificial intelligence and the machine learning approach are still in the early stages, using AI and ML in software testing has been made for a long time. The algorithms of machine learning and artificial intelligence generate more efficient test data, test cases, and scripts. Predictive models suggest what to test, whereas smart visualization helps detect the errors and helps developers understand which area needs more focus.

b. Test Environments

There are numerous software systems on the internet. Since its expanding now more than ever, it puts a burden on developers to test the software from every aspect providing the right coverage. Though cloud-based test environments will grow more in upcoming years, the test environment will use AI and ML to generate more test data and offer more accurate introspection. This follows an entirely different pattern as compared to Salesforce testing.

c. Social Media Cloud Analytics

Now the developers are more advanced and know how to derive results from different contexts to make their product better, so the testing begins from the product’s inception. Bringing social media and analytics together with the cloud forces companies to find out any pieces that have any errors and fix the problem. However, testers will have to be available to address the errors at any odd hour to evaluate the information for making products better at all times.

d. Context-driven systems

Businesses are now leveraging the users and connecting with them to get better solutions. Now the predictive analysis is also making its way in. It will bring enormous change in the upcoming future, as they will change how developers and testers will have to experience it live and check what they are lacking.

AI Testing Analytics

On an ending note

It is clear that testing is a key aspect of digital transformation. The real challenge of every software is to ensure that they don’t break with the passage of time and provide robust protections to allow you to continue to build without any fear of failure. This is why testing is so important. Hope you have also understood the importance of Salesforce testing to engage more users at your platform and create more quality products in the future. You can choose any testing tool in the market depending on your product and team expertise to deliver the best product to your consumers.

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