Quick Integration Between Facebook Messenger and Salesforce

Quick Integration Between Facebook Messenger and Salesforce

Integrating your Salesforce with Facebook messenger can change your business equation with the customers. With more than two billion active users on Facebook, the social media platform has proved its mettle for business. From running advertisement campaigns to providing the platform to connect with the consumers.

More than 150,000 companies around the globe are using Salesforce to grow their revenue and success. The Salesforce is designed to help businesses increase revenue, provide solutions to consumers, and help in doubling the return on investment, making the platform famous among businesses.

Quick Integration Between Facebook Messenger and Salesforce

What is Salesforce?

The leading customer relationship management platform helps businesses in increasing sales, streamlining marketing, and supports teams in working together to achieve the goal. Salesforce provides a 360 degree approach in offering tools to help connect business with consumers on different spectrums. The CRM platform provides the ultimate solution for businesses in marketing, sales, commerce, customer service and application building domain.

With the Salesforce, businesses can easily find the quality leads and qualify them. The Salesforce CRM supports various messaging channels of different platforms. From iOS to Instagram, Twitterand such, all the messaging applications are supported by Salesforce.

The number one integrated platform offers a smooth user interface and lets the business implement the strategies and tools quickly and provides high return on investment. You can use Salesforce for-

1. Personalized marketing
2. Generating more qualified leads
3. Delivering quality services to the consumers
4. Enhanced consumer experience
5. Tools to build advanced custom applications

What is Salesforce?

Benefits of Messenger Integration

Before planning to integrate the Facebook messenger in your salesforce, you should know about the benefits as well. Here are the most important benefits you will receive upon the integration-

a. Send personalized messages to your consumers

One of the ways to attract the consumer and keep them hooked is to send them personalized messages as per their preferences. Upon integration you can easily send the messages as per your services and create a sense of awareness among your consumer base. Sending the right message will strike the right cord with people and will help the business generate high-quality potential leads.

b. Opportunity to interact via multi channels

Upon integration you will get to connect with your consumers via a different medium apart from the regular SMS or the mail. Currently maximum people use social media platforms to connect with the businesses and such and so having an interactive presence on Facebook along with the messenger will help your business as well.

c. Integration will help your business efficiency

You can create custom workflows, which will help the business agents increase the efficiency by minimum 30%. Enabling communication helps agents to provide resolutions to the consumers easily and also makes it easy for consumers to connect with the brand.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger

How to integrate Facebook Messenger?

Adding Facebook messenger to your Salesforce CRM platform will equip your business to connect with consumers in the best way possible. With this integration, the business agents can respond or connect with the consumers directly via service console as they can access the various digital engagement benefits on the go.

You can easily use omni-channel, the routing tool of Salesforce, to set up how consumer’s messages are addressed. You can divert the route to the bots, agents, or to any third-party. Here’s how you can integrate your Salesforce platform with Facebook messenger to connect with your consumers to provide them with real-time solutions and increase your productivity-

Before beginning, set up a Facebook account, username and a strong password to ensure privacy and data safety. Now verify your facebook page to enable messenger, and make sure that you are the administrator to control the page.

How to integrate Facebook Messenger?
Here are the steps for you to follow-

1. In the Quick Find box, enter Messaging

2. Click on the message settings

3. Select the New Channel in the channels section

4. Select Facebook messenger

5. Select start

6. Select Authenticate Facebook

7. Enter your username and password

8. Click on the page to integrate (you can only select one page at a time)

9. Select next

10. Open the chat acknowledgement option

11. Write the message that will be sent to sent to consumer in response

12. Open object linking section, you can link the messaging section to the contact record

13. Select next

14. If you want to set the omni-channel to re-route the message to agents, bots or third-party, you will have to make a new queue

15. Now re-route the configuration and follow these steps-

  • Create a new queue
  • Create new configuration
  • Distribute the agent workload
  • Tap on done

16. Click on finish once you are done.

Wrapping Up

Now your Facebook messenger has successfully integrated with the Salesforce and you can use it as per your business requirements. However, by this method, you can only set up a single Facebook page. If you want to set up more than one Facebook page, you will have to repeat the set up flow and select the page again.

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