Salesforce Announces Customer 360 Truth at Dreamforce 2019

Salesforce Announces Customer 360 Truth at Dreamforce 2019

Salesforce announced “Customer 360 Truth” at Dreamforce 2019 in San Francisco on Tuesday, as a consolidated resource ingesting data from sales, service, marketing, commerce, and other business units, and aims to transmute that data into actionable intelligence for “customer service problems, creating a personalized marketing journey, predicting the best sales opportunities, or surfacing product recommendations,” the company claims in a press release.

The company touts this as “the holy grail of CRM,” as it should enable organizations to deliver experiences consistent with customer expectations, citing an internally-developed report, which found that “nearly 70%” of customers expect preferences to be transmitted across touchpoints in an organization—nominally, this would include circumstances such as not needing to repeat account numbers when transferring between representatives in a support phone call, though also extends out to include details including deployment information and customer history.

The feature set is not—strictly speaking—new, and in some places echoes Salesforce’s own claims of unifying heretofore siloed customer data. In July, Arm Treasure Data claimed to be able to unify customer data, particularly for organizations with extensive merger and acquisition portfolios, and with an accuracy that counteracts Apple’s “Sign In with Apple” feature that promised to protect the privacy of users.

Interoperability is one of the larger benefits touted by Salesforce in this announcement, with the “Cloud Information Model” (CIM), an open-source data model announced last week in collaboration with Amazon Web Services and Genesys for data interoperability across clouds. Salesforce’s 2018 acquisition of MuleSoft is a component of this project, as CIM relies on MuleSoft’s open-source modeling technology.

For Amazon’s part, making it easier for organizations to leverage AWS and Salesforce is a particular priority—making AWS a natural choice, if not an inevitability, for the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) end of business operations may make resistance to AWS by retail operations fearing that Amazon is plotting to eat their lunch a harder justification for CIOs.This last sentence is confusing.

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