Curious to know the Role Of DevOps in ECommerce Business? Read the blog!

Curious to know the Role Of DevOps in ECommerce Business? Read the blog!

Can you recollect the last time you shopped from an e-commerce site? It was likely a week ago or maybe yesterday. Yes, most of us are glued to certain ecommerce businesses, and for all the fitting causes. From the comfort of your home, you will get a panoramic view of multiple brands, products, and services, and book the same in a jiffy. But, there are times when it becomes arduous to adhere to the unimaginable demands of diverse customers, finally affecting the development and operations team. Contemporary times deal with a sizeable amount of data, and to manage it all, DevOps is the ultimate solution. The role of DevOps in advancing e-commerce businesses is quite substantial, let us see how.

The integration of DevOps in the ecommerce business is facilitating extensive optimization in planning, delivery, and refurbishment.

Philosophy Behind DevOps Roles and Responsibilities

Before moving into how ecommerce can leverage DevOps, it is essential to probe deep into what philosophy it beholds. First things first, the very fundamental idea behind the advent of DevOps methodology is bridging the gap among different departments that previously worked in a misaligned manner leading to disarray in growth. Today, organizations that have adopted this methodology is enjoying both seamless work, optimized productivity, and massive growth.

Every cloud DevOps engineer takes full accountability for not only development but also for laying emphasis more on the customer than on the processes. This can certainly be termed as a circular approach more than a linear one.

Role of DevOps in the Contemporary E-commerce Industry

When it comes to the ecommerce business, the capacity to deliver and apprise in the swiftest manner possible is considered an indispensable factor. To regard it from a developer’s pinpoint, numerous challenges get added. Starting from the addition of new products or services to features to revamping the application, all are needed at an equally fast pace. Below is the list of advantages that e-commerce companies enjoy after implementing DevOps.

Devops E-commerce Industry

1. Massive Revamping and Creation

The topmost role of DevOps is empowering the deployment of solutions most uniquely and rapidly. With its help, organizations have acquired the power to deliver refurbishments and fresh features more briskly as compared to its competition. Starting from generation to implementation to release, all these processes are sequential.

It is the role of DevOps engineer to affix all these processes into the continuous traditional SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle. The interconnection between the development and operations teams guarantees that any sort of dependencies doesn’t affect the quality and speed of liberating new updates.

2.Economical and Time-Saver

The second role of DevOps in improving the industry is the enormous amount of cost-cutting and time-saving it offers. DevOps is regarded as an agile methodology, and e-business will be greatly benefitted when it will experience the joy of a streamlined work method.

The implementation of this effectual methodology in your ecommerce enterprise results in constant operation by amalgamating and deploying approaches to ensure a robust online setup. A setup that guarantees swift functioning and methodical running, without dropping a single second.

3. Complete Automation in Testing

One big role of DevOps that acts as a ray of hope for this business is absolute automation. Through automation, it is promised that the fresh code will be robust and that no more bugs will be created in the system. The methodology aims to create a space that constantly accelerates an interactive process backed by a continuous feedback loop, ushering in a more sturdy ecommerce platform.

DevOps Automation Testing

Automated testing mandates framework and tools for producing writing test scripts that examine and validate the efficacy of new applications. Now, through the test automation feature, DevOps can:

  • Utilize the test cases for examining bugs
  • Examining unique applications and features rapidly
  • Install products and go-to-market swiftly
  • Lessen the menace caused by human glitches
  • Simplification of the examination process
  • Boost reliability

4. Role of DevOps Include Bridging Departmental Gaps

One of the biggest reasons behind the incorporation of this methodology is its ability to integrate IT, operations, development, marketing, and every other department as well. Through its ability to unite, the silos in the process are cleared. Instead of the ancient approach where only one department was held accountable for tackling every single task, the tables have turned. Now, every department is interdependent, which leads to a more dynamic approach toward infrastructure development and deployment.

5. Immense Customer Satisfaction

DevOps in eCommerce will make way for high customer satisfaction. This will happen since the methodology is an agile one promoting fast services and premium quality – both of which the customers are focused on. Apart from that, this methodology also promises dependability and protection that also increases customer experience.

Let’s wrap it up with a brief outcome!

E commerce benefits a huge percentage of people in their everyday lives. From buying groceries regularly to getting orders delivered in a day or two, it does it all. The role of DevOps in this industry has taken operations to another level of skillfulness. If you own an ecommerce firm and wish to implement DevOps, right away head to Algoworks’ page. With around a 99% customer success rate, our organization will exhaustively guide you in your implementation program.

About Us: Algoworks is a B2B IT firm providing end-to-end product development services. Operating chiefly from its California office, Algoworks is a leading DevOps consulting company which enables continuous delivery pipeline across the cloud platforms for faster time-to-market at reduced costs. The company’s key Salesforce Services include: Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine Services, Windows Azure, CI/CD Automation and Serverless Computing . For more information, contact us here.

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Ajeet SinghCurious to know the Role Of DevOps in ECommerce Business? Read the blog!