Revolutionize Your Business CRM with Salesforce For Small Business: Features & Capabilities

Revolutionize Your Business CRM with Salesforce For Small Business: Features & Capabilities

Salesforce, the top cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, provides excellent features and services to small businesses. It is capable of helping businesses improve their customer relationships efficiently.

Salesforce for small business helps reduce sales and marketing costs yet increase performance efficiency.

Unlike any other CRM platform, Salesforce offers many customer-focused services and capabilities with embedded intelligence. It’s easy to implement and manage from one place without any prior experience. Not only it helps businesses build meaningful relationships, but it redefines the way modern businesses connect with potential customers.

Keep reading to explore how Salesforce CRM transfigured how small businesses operate to offer unique customer experiences.

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Salesforce CRM Products & Service Features

Before exploring Salesforce benefits, get started with the best Sales, Marketing, and Service products that Salesforce offers to small businesses.

Hire Salesforce Developers

Salesforce Easy

This app brings all Sales, Marketing, and Service tools together to get more done in less time. It offers the following features:

a) Simple onboarding
b) Built-in best practices
c) Faster sales
d) Efficient service
e) Email outreach
f) Process automation

Sales Cloud Solutions

Salesforce Sales Solutions help businesses create and personalize their sales pipelines so that customers enjoy a seamless buying experience. Here are the top features to help small businesses sell smarter:

a) Pull all customer information into one place

b) Streamline the sales processes

c) Use 360-degree view to collaborate from anywhere

d) AI-powered Sales tools to keep deals moving

“Get what a Salesforce business analyst needs to close customer deals faster with Salesforce Sales Solutions.”

Service Cloud Solutions

Deliver smarter yet most personal customer experiences with Salesforce Services:

a) Support teams’ work productivity with Service Cloud
b) Productivity tools to resolve cases faster
c) Automate admin tasks to improve the customer support experience
d) Personalized customer support across digital channels

Marketing Cloud Solutions

Salesforce CRM Marketing Cloud tools will help businesses find more customers through:

a) Capture and score high-quality leads
b) Build meaningful connections from the start
c) Build personalized pipelines with great data insights
d) Track and optimize marketing performance from one place

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Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce for small business gives small teams easy and effective features to perform the following activities:

a) Manage all contacts from one place to sell better
b) Track all business relationships and deals
c) Respond to customers within seconds
d) Ready-to-use tools like DocuSign, Dropbox, Zapier, etc.
e) Salesforce mobile app to run apps on customers’ phones

Top Benefits of Implementing Salesforce CRM

1. Businesses get a single view of their customer-related information through cross-functional insights and reporting.

2. Sales and Marketing professionals get actionable data dashboards to manage all customer relationships from a single place.

3. Organizational can focus on implementing customer-centric automation such as email marketing, drip campaigns, and leads nurturing.

4. Salespeople can personalize digital sales and marketing pipelines to improve proactive customer interactions.

5. Organizations can simplify team collaboration among Sales and Marketing teams with smooth communication efforts.

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How to Get Started with Salesforce for Small Business?

Beginning your Salesforce CRM journey is simple – Getting guidance and support from a reputed Salesforce development company. Irrespective of the business size, professional Salesforce Consultants are capable of helping out companies to get started with Salesforce CRM.

“Facilitate industry transformation at the greatest speed with Salesforce CRM implementation experts.”

Professional Salesforce developers offer an array of Salesforce CRM development services, including:

Custom Salesforce API

Custom Salesforce API allows various Salesforce components to integrate with other third-party services. It facilitates smooth communication between Salesforce apps and web-based services.

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Salesforce Customization

The top available Salesforce developer for hire can help small businesses create highly personalized Salesforce apps and components based on customer requirements. The customization services allow businesses to add a personal touch and accelerate productivity.

AppExchange Listing

Small businesses should list their Salesforce apps on Salesforce AppExchanges for customers to download ad use. The Salesforce Developers help businesses publish enterprise apps on the AppExchange.

Salesforce Analytics

Salesforce Analytics is a business intelligence solution that offers small businesses customer-centric data insights and reports. The available reports can help companies to explore profitable sales and marketing opportunities efficiently.

Salesforce Lightning App

Salesforce Lightning Experience offers the best benefits of Salesforce CRM, designed to take business sales productivity to another level. Consider it the future of Salesforce CRM. Hence, organizations must make all their Salesforce apps and components Lightning-ready with cost-effective Salesforce Development solutions.

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Explore Additional Salesforce Capabilities

Salesforce is an integrated CRM platform providing a single shared view across all organizational departments, such as Sales, Service, and Marketing. Now you know the top Salesforce products and features, it’s time to explore a few salient capabilities of Salesforce:

a) Empower sales teams with integrated forecasting tools, lead management, and the ability to personalize the Sales pipeline.

b) Salesforce industry-specific solutions cover automotive, communications, commerce, healthcare, education, manufacturing, media, non-profit, retail, hospitality, and transformation sectors.

c) Salesforce cloud solutions cover departments such as Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Solution, Service, and Analytics with all-in-one CRM tools.

d) Salesforce apps are responsive and device-compatible, making them accessible across platforms to streamline business productivity.

Salesforce for small business can truly help build a more connected workforce with smooth Sales & Marketing operations management. Most core Salesforce services introduce additional functionalities and capabilities that small businesses need to scale up successfully.

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