Top Reasons Why to go for Salesforce Customization

Top Reasons Why to go for Salesforce Customization

Establishing business with CRM implementation is a key tactical business decision. Some companies choose to “turn ON” Salesforce by allocating licenses and passwords, however this more often than not leads to a low adoption rate, complaints from users and eventually a lack of returns on your significant investments. If any of the reasons discussed below ring a bell for your group then it’s time to go for Salesforce customization.

1. Goals have not been achieved as were desired!

After you have made a cumulative decision to purchase Salesforce licenses, which you were sold on the idea that all your data would be in one place, manual tasks would be reduced, users would be able to work collaboratively and transparently and ultimately that your team could close more deals faster; however it didn’t turn out to be as thought. Your CRM models must enable the team you have to find and share information on a faster level, help each other to close every sale based on prior similar experiences, and time taken on reports should be minimal because interactions are fashioned on the go. If this isn’t still happening for you then it’s time to look at your Salesforce system and ensure proper customizations have been made to cater to existing needs.

2. Users aren’t willing to work outside the system

If you have to run your sales or service team meetings on Salesforce because users are not recording data, then it’s time to find out why they aren’t working out of the system and find out what can be done to help overcome this. There cannot be data transparency if team members are entering data on Salesforce; in the service division this can go ahead to miscommunications among team members and customers. Which can eventually cause customer displeasure and within sales teams it may add unnecessary steps while progressing a deal.

3. The system you use doesn’t imitate your business processes

The difficulty in “turning on Salesforce” without customization is that the arrangement a business is using is not designed to work the way their team works. If someone chooses to manage opportunities using BANT or other methodologies but if there’s no choice of making modifications to the system then users of that system are forced to work on a pattern which they might dislike or may be tedious enough to follow. This would eventually lead to frustration and ultimately result in abandonment of Instead one should be able to either pull an analysis or report demonstrating which opportunities are absent “budget” or “need” so that one can help a salesperson overcome such hurdles and move a deal forward.

4. There cannot be a single view of the customer

Do you know where the business you got is coming from? Do you have one place to comprehend the lifecycle of your customers from prospects to account management and the actions neighboring each milestone? You must use a form of Salesforce CRM that matches your requirements to track the time and activities, it takes from beginning to closing the first deal, to managing ongoing client communications; this info should be accessible at a glimpse and one must see patterns that will point to things that makes an association more likely to be successful so that one can apply these finest practices to every deal, every time.

5. Reports that you receive are irregular

One must make good use of appropriately generated activity reports that can help drive good behaviors to increase closed sales. Once a query turn ups the CRM should track the number of times a representative team touches that potential customer by drip marketing, emails, calls, meetings or through social media. One must therefore track the number of times a representative connects in significant activity with a customer and relate such incidences to converted leads and in the very.

6. In cases where no one is using Salesforce mobile

Salesforce does comes with free mobile access applications so that the sales team can take the pleasure of benefits like updating their ongoing deals “on the go”, document any visits and/or calls, look for prospective customers nearby who can drop in, and stay connected to the people and records that matter most; Sales personnel should walk into a customer meeting being confident enough showing that they have their finger on the throb of late-breaking business advances.

Concluding thoughts

Ways to do a business vary and so do these CRM solutions that work for them. Whatever may be the size of your business, certain challenges do always exist. Amid your teams there may be hundreds or thousands of contact details and communications to track, various deals to manage, and existing customer associations to develop and maintain.
Even if you are on your own, or uphold a modest staff, add new employees every month, or run a large multinational organization, has various CRM solutions to help you keep your existing customers happy, win new ones, and drive a unique model of business growth. If your business is not getting value from your Salesforce CRM, then contact us so that we can help you extract more business opportunities collaboratively and more proficiently.

If this article is really helpful for you and want more information, You can consult our certified salesforce Customization consultants at +1-877-284-1028(toll free).

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