Why Force.com Is Winning the Cloud Platform War

Why Force.com Is Winning the Cloud Platform War

Salesforce.com which offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) also offers the cloud based computing service called as the Force.com system. This system allows developers to build and host enterprise applications on its servers. This has catapulted Saleforce.com, to become the leading cloud based computing platform as a service.

Force.com and its Winning Formula

This system has now become the foundry of new application development, giving developers the liberty to build world class enterprise applications on the cloud by extending the dynamic Salesforce.com platform. With the advent of this powerful functionality, Salesforce has now found its way from being an application to become a Cloud platform business:

  • With significant changes in governor limits on APIs and enhanced Mobile support, it is inviting more and more developers to encapsulate the platform into mobile development platform, giving rise to mobile apps.
  • Improvement in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and support for JQuery, Sencha and Apache Cardova.
  • SalesforceTouch as a mobile development platform and the introduction of Salesforce Platform Mobile Services have increased mobility support. HTML5 is supported.
  • With smartphones leading the way to the future, Mobile Enterprise Development has now become very active with support for mobile web services integrating customer data.

With such a robust and flexible platform, Enterprise Application developers can now build applications that make the Salesforce platform work for them:

  • Investments on the cloud infrastructure have already been done by Salesforce.com over several years. Developers have already been presented with the platform to jump start on delivering world class applications with better performance, reliability and security.
  • Salesforce.com’s architecture allows for optimum usage of computing resources resulting in savings and efficiency of enterprise applications hosted on the cloud.
  • Force.com’s security model is based on the lines of the application model offering secure and reliable services. These can be inherited by the resident enterprise applications.
  • Legacy applications support using advance APIs integrated with Force.com – After relaxing the governor limits on the APIs, developers can stretch the limits of the Force.com platform by building intelligent APIs and interact with other service outside the platform.
  • Design custom applications catering to customers’ requirements with intelligent interaction.


By venturing out to the cloud based service model, offering a whole new world of efficient and rapid application development and building a strong base of cloud-based enterprise application developers, Salesforce.com is clearing leading the pack on the cloud platform.

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Pratyush Kumar

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Pratyush KumarWhy Force.com Is Winning the Cloud Platform War