React Native vs Swift: Which is Best iOS Development Framework in 2023

React Native vs Swift: Which is Best iOS Development Framework in 2023

Since the day of its inception in 2007, iPhones have been the talk of the town. The brand’s popularity has undoubtedly skyrocketed, leading to iPhone having a market share of 27.6% in the global smartphone industry. If you notice more people investing in the creation of iPhone apps, it’s simply because of iPhone owners’ supposedly higher income. Speaking of iPhone app development, one thing that has been a constant source of discussion is the selection between react native vs swift. While React Native is best suited for apps with simple UI and code logic, Swift is ideal for rich features. Let us dig deep into their comparison.

The success of your iOS app depends on the performance it delivers, and the framework you choose can make or break that success.

Introduction: React Native vs Swift?

Starting with Swift is a complied programming language designed by Apple primarily for creating native iOS applications. The language has gained quite some popularity within only seven years. A Swift iOS app is suitable for its speed, readability, security, and fantastic user experience. Some renowned names that have used this technology are Airbnb, Twitter, SlideShare, and more.

React Native is a Facebook-backed framework founded in 2015. It is primarily used for creating mobile apps and works on JavaScript. It enables the users to share the code across diverse platforms like iOS, Android, and web apps. The best part is that 70% of the code can be shared across the apps, lessening the creation time in cross-platform mobile app development processes. Shopify, Walmart, and Facebook apps are some reputed names incorporating React Native.

React Native vs Swift: An Extensive Comparison

To successfully create a flawless iOS app, you must decide between React Native and Swift. The following comparison helps with your contemplation.

User Interface

Swift facilitates developers to develop an iOS app with rich UI, features, and attractive visuals. This one works efficiently when uniting into iOS creations and leveraging UX principles. Although, one must know that fabricating a Swift app will require coding the native app from scratch.

Moving to React Native, developers can seamlessly build a native-like app using JavaScript and decorative UI. React elements bind native code and engage with native APIs, making producing fascinating UI convenient. Although, it might become tedious to stay updated with the continuous changes occurring in the native surrounding.


Regarding stability, iOS Swift development does have some extra power. It can effortlessly handle complicated tasks and visual effects in building native apps. On the other hand, React Native aims at utilizing internal APIs and libraries for the orderly execution of apps. It implies that the application might involve too many layers leading to instability.

Platform Maturity

Though both Swift and React Native is new to the industry, both equally excel in terms of modifications. The difference is Swift is a new programming language designed as a successor to Objective-C. Creating a programming language is undoubtedly a tedious process since it is the foundation of every software element.

Moving to React Native is a new technology backed by JavaScript, and analyzing the code and identifying the issues tend to be more convenient.


A React Native iOS app will beat Swift in memory usage and GPU velocity. On the other hand, Swift will surpass React Native regarding CPU consumption. Overall, developers will find it more convenient to work with React Native since it can seamlessly embed native codes and utilize numerous tools for tasks.

Coding Speed

If you aim to design an entirely iOS app, Swift is undoubtedly the choice. Though, if you plan to launch your app on iOS and Android, React Native is the choice.

Development Costs

If you are low on budget, hiring a React Native developer will be a better option. Swift developers charge higher as compared to JavaScript coders. Moreover, iOS React Native is affordable and doesn’t compromise the project quality.

The greater you delve into the knowledge between React Native and Swift, the more your iOS app will be ahead of the time.

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Which One is Best Suited for iOS App Development?

If you desire to create an app with massive memory usage and exemplary UI and only suited for Apple, then Swift is certainly the one. It is indeed a beneficial option for native iOS development. On the other hand, if you aim to build an app suited for Android and iOS on a budget, look no further than React Native. Numerous organizations select React Native for its faster coding speed and simplicity.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have acquired quite some wisdom on React Native and Swift, it is time to reason. The selection between these platforms depends on your application type, budget, project duration, and features. And, if you are still perplexed about the ever-continuing comparison between React Native vs Swift, Algoworks’s talented team is all primed to help you. We assure phenomenal mobile apps at affordable prices.

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