7 Ultimate Android Programming Languages For Robust App Development

7 Ultimate Android Programming Languages For Robust App Development

It has been noticed that a maximum of people check their smartphones as high as 100 times a day. This can be quite feasible for millennials who mostly stay glued to their phones. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Snapchat, the list of favorite apps continue. The higher the features of an app, the greater the intricacy of the operation involved in it. Choosing the correct Android programming language is immensely important for creating an immaculate app. There are numerous languages in the market from Java to Kotlin, C++ to C#, and so on. Learn about all of them and which one suits your requirement.

The faultless incorporation of top Android programming technologies – Kotlin, Java, C++, C# can develop a phenomenal app focal in the market.

Best Android Programming technologies to build your next application

The first language that leads the list undoubtedly would be Kotlin. The majority of Android app developers consider this one as the finest option because of its precise code syntax. It is a statically organized android language that operates on the Java Virtual Machine or JVM. But, there are more to these approaches as have been described below.

1. Kotlin

This one is the most widely used programming language by hotshot companies. This one is the authorized language selected for Android App Development announced by Google in the year 2019. To describe a bit about its background, this is a cross-platform Android programming language that might be substituted in the place of Java for app development.

Android Kotlin

This language offers great interactiveness with Java and seamlessly works on the Java Virtual Machine as well. The only noticeable difference is that Kotlin washes away the redundant features of Java like null pointer exceptions, the necessity to end every line with a semicolon, and more.

2. Java

Java is unquestionably one of the most renowned languages in the market. Before Kotlin, Java was the official Android programming language. Numerous Play Store apps have also been developed with the help of Java, and evidently, Google backs the language the most. Moreover, this language offers an affable online community to discuss different problems in case of difficulties.

Though, beginners need to know that this is a complex programming language since it contains complications like null pointer exceptions, constructors, checked exceptions, concurrency, and so on.

3. C++

Another one of the most popular programming languages, C++ can be operated for app expansion by utilizing the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). Though a complete app cannot be produced by using C++ and the incorporation of NDK will be required in the C++ native code. This implementation aids in the utilization of C++ code collections for the app as necessitated.

This Android programming language is indeed popular but also offers some drawbacks. It involves an arduous step followed by reduced flexibility. Additionally, you might encounter more bugs caused by the elevated complexity. Therefore, it is greater to utilize Java as compared to C++ since it doesn’t offer enough to counterbalance the efforts necessary.

4. C#

Quite similar to Java and also suitable for every application, C# also+ incorporates garbage collection leading to lowered chances of memory leaks. Moreover, C# is an Android application that consists of a cleaner and effortless syntax as compared to Java which leads to simplified coding.

Previously, the greatest hindrance of C# was it could only work on Windows systems since it used the .NET Framework. However, this glitch was managed by Xamarin. Android is a crossbred-foundation incorporation of the Common Language Infrastructure. In the present day, its tools can be utilized for writing native Android apps and sharing the code across numerous platforms.

5. Python

Another popular language is Python. This can be utilized for app-making purposes even though Android doesn’t back native Android generation. The process can be made successful by implementing numerous tools that transform different Python apps into Android packages that can operate on Android devices making it one of the best Android programming languages.

This can be explained by an example that is Kivy, which is an open-source Python stock utilized for generating mobile apps. This backs Android and also urges swift app development. Therefore, it is indeed a win-win scenario accordingly. Though, there is a downside that there will not be native advantages for Kivy as it isn’t natively aided.

6. HTML, CSS, JavaScript

There is a way to develop apps by using these Android programming languages – Javascript, HTML, and CSS employing the Adobe PhoneGap structure that is offered by Apache Cordova. This language primarily permits the employment of web development skills for creating hybrid apps appearing through “WebView” but are enveloped like an app.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Though the Adobe PhoneGap framework is sufficient for fulfilling the fundamental tasks of Android software, it barely needs much programming apart from JavaScript. Since it is quite an arduous task to develop a proper app, you might consider choosing other languages as well.

7. Dart

Dart is a popular Android development language that can be described as an open-source programming language powering the Flutter framework. This is receiving enough grip in recent times because of the capacity to deliver performance apps for the desktop, web, and mobile in a comparatively reduced timeframe.

Here, the key feature of the Android app development software, namely Dart is, it is devised by Google as a client-optimized speech for rapid apps on diverse platforms. This language majorly focuses on creating UI development swifter for developers. It contains features like hot-reload that allow developers to witness modifications instantly while operating on the app.

It is only through the perfect implementation of the methodology and proper follow-up that app development can be done. If you are also curious to know about diverse Android programming languages and their implementation, Algoworks experts will definitely help out. Our website comprises every necessary detail about app development. Furthermore, our team is a big tech enthusiast who will offer in-depth information about the development process you require for your next application.

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