Mark Your Documents with Algoworks PDF Watermark App for Salesforce®

Mark Your Documents with Algoworks PDF Watermark App for Salesforce®

Copyright Infringement? Plagiarised content? No attribution for your content? Worried about drafting your PDFs the right way? There is a solution to these document and content related problems now. Algoworks PDF Watermark App is designed to resolve all these problems with one of the best PDF Watermark tools on the Salesforce AppExchange ® online marketplace.

What is a PDF Watermark?

A PDF Watermark is a tool which helps users add a faded image, illustration, logo, or text in a PDF document. This tool keeps the text or diagrams in a pdf visible to the user, while helping them solve the following PDF document related problems which includes plagiarism, copyright infringement and attribution evasion!

Algoworks PDF Watermark App was launched for Salesforce® users on its AppExchange platform on 27 January, 2021 and its latest update released on May 7, 2021. The PDF Watermark app is a Salesforce native application, for organisations which deal with data, publications, designing etc. This app can be integrated with Salesforce® to add a watermark from inside Salesforce.

Interested in safeguarding your documents?

Watch an easy configuration video for Algoworks PDF Watermark App (embed video).

Algoworks PDF Watermark App is full of useful features apart from the basic three we mentioned above. Let’s get to them now:

Algoworks PDF Watermark App Features

1. Add Watermark in Two Formats

Salesforce users can add watermark to a confidential document or draft in two ways:

  • Add Watermark as Text- With this feature you can add a customised Watermark text in a font and colour of your choice.

  • Add Watermark as Image- With this particular feature, you can ‘Attach File’ by Uploading an image file. You can also use the drag-and-drop option to add an image. Here also, as a Salesforce admin, you can scale the image, use ‘Autofit’ to fit in and change ‘Alignment’ and ‘Opacity’ of the image.

Salesforce User Can Add Watermark in Two Formats

2. Customize the Watermark

The app is easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use for a seamless process of creating and adding a watermark to your pdfs. Salesforce admins or even users with Salesforce integration in their organisations, can use the PDF Watermark App and create custom watermarks in a few clicks! Here’s how:

  • In the ‘Watermark text’ tab, write or copy-paste your text.
  • Add color or paste a colour code on the palette available under the ‘Color’ tab.
  • Change font size to your liking in the ‘Font Size’ tab.
  • Tune your text’s alignment in the ‘Alignment’ tab.
  • Change the ‘Direction’, ‘Rotation’, and ‘Opacity’ through tabs of the aforementioned titles.

3. Secures Documents

Along with giving a unique touch to your documents, you can also secure them from violation of rights, which in this case, is plagiarism, copyright information and misuse of information. You can place a faded watermark on or under your content and that’ll mark your ownership or the status of your document: be it confidential or public.

4. Watermark Can be Used in Multiple Ways

Algoworks PDF Watermark App can be used for creating first crafts, or approving/rejecting files, avoiding counterfeiting, or highlighting a document as ‘confidential’. Even the text or image location and angle can be altered. For instance, it can be placed vertically, horizontally or sideways.

Challenges You Can Avoid with PDF Watermark

PDF Watermark App by Algoworks, is free-to-use! It was made for Salesforce users who want to personalize documents and render them safe from copyright Issues. There has been more, solved by PDF Watermark App-

  • Easy Branding: Stamping your unique pdf watermark on a file will reflect your brand , and when the document is shared, others will get to know your services.

  • Freedom to Optimize: Algoworks PDF Watermark App allows you to step out of the dullness of black watermarks and enables you to add a coloured one or use an image to quirk it up.

  • It’s for Salesforce: PDF Watermark was designed keeping in mind the requirement of a one-app watermark solution for Salesforce users or organisations with Salesforce integration, for easy and accessible watermarking.

Secure Docs in Style!

Algoworks PDF Watermark app is a no-code Salesforce application. It is fee, so you don’t have to bother about subscriptions; let’s see how it benefits you:

  • Artistic Freedom!: You do not have to depend on a designer to bring colours and shape to your brand, because this pdf watermark for Salesforce, gives you the freedom to be creative!

  • Save time!: With just a few clicks, you can add a watermark to your documents!

  • Create without limits!!!: PDF Watermark App for Salesforce is free-to-use and is available for an unlimited period of time, so get going with safeguarding your documents!

Willing to try out the PDF Watermark App? Go ahead and download it from Salesforce AppExchange®!

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