Tech trends for Mobile App Development

Tech trends for Mobile App Development

Mobile app development industry in 2021 is continuously blooming, that is helping the corporates to win the consumers. Since the advent of smartphones, the mobile app development business is ceaselessly evolving. Advancements in technology, rise in consumer demand, and many other factors have an instantaneous impact on mobile application development trends. The most vital and crucial aspect of success is staying updated and up to date with the latest trends and technology. Mobile app resellers are compelled to stay up to date with the new trends to serve the clients better. Content creators and even producers are expected to change themselves with the new trends to take either brand to the next level.

In this article, we have tried to list down the most significant and practical trends in mobile app development:

Internet of things

The IoT has crawled its way into everyone’s daily lives and is not a brand new concept for everyone. However, the increase in the usage of smartphones eventually leading to more usage of mobile apps across a broad variety of sectors has apparently created endless opportunities for the internet of things. Technology and mobile phones have become a part of everybody’s life. The IoT shows the network of devices that are growing, connected to the internet, providing more control and convenience to the consumers. Mobile apps are being used even for adjusting a thermostat in a house, wearable health monitors, connecting to home security systems, locking or unlocking of doors, wireless inventory trackers. Many home appliances such as refrigerators and televisions can also be connected to the mobile.

Some future trends of IoT can be:

  • Fully automatic and smart cars
  • Smart cities
  • IoT in healthcare


The 5G network would have a major role in building the 2021 app trends. The number of smartphones with a 5G network is expected to be more than 1800 million, did you know that? And by the year 2022 half of the smartphones would have a 5G network. 5G network is expected to be much faster than the 4G network, around a hundred times faster. This can bring transcending changes to the video streaming apps especially 4K. The introduction of 5G would ultimately the functionality of mobile apps. This could also help the developers with adding new features without impacting the performance of apps. 5G would also help developers and app sellers to boost up their testing and development stages of building an app.
Some future trends of 5G can be:

  • Reduced latency
  • High data rates
  • Cost reductions

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence both came into the picture of mobile applications years ago. Although it penetrated mobile apps a year ago. AI is not just about Siri or Alexa. Chatbots, text and image classification, voice assistants, face detection, sentiment recognition, and classification these applications are such examples. The apps like Prisma and face app are photo filtering apps that are AI-powered. In 2021 AI will have an important role in our daily lives. AI trends like voice recognition, user predictions, voice assistants, AI-based cameras will have a whole new place in smartphones.

Some future trends of AI can be:

  • AI in Customer Service
  • AI in Media
  • AI in Healthcare

Mobile Wallets and Mobile Payments

Mobile wallets have earned their place in everybody’s heart. As the economies of the world are turning digital, users use mobile wallets preferably comparatively to physical cash, or type the card details frequently. People nowadays prefer to make payments through payment apps for rapid transactions. With the establishment of mobile payment apps and wallets, the payment process has become less time-consuming, shorter, and smoother. Mobile apps such as google pay, Phonepe, Paytm, amazon pay gas earned popularity among the consumers. According to a report, about $6.1billion with transactions were made from mobile wallets in 2019. This may reach $13.98 by the year 2022. With time more and more people are expected to use these platforms to make payments as these platforms have gained much trust among many consumers.

Some future trends of Mobile wallets can be:

  • Voice-activated payments
  • NFC-based Payment
  • Biometric Authentication

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AR is already being used in many mobile applications, such an example is the Pokemon Go game, which paved a way for Augmented reality in mobile applications. But today, AR is being used in many industries such as tourism, healthcare, e-commerce, education, etc. Lenskart uses AR for their Lenskart app. The app uses AR technology to showcase different glasses directly on how do the glasses look on the user. Even google maps came up with the “Live View” feature which would help the users to see turn-by-turn directions on real-world imagery. Virtual reality is playing a big role in education by providing hands-on training experiences while being safe and cheap.VR is also being used to enhance the gaming experience for everyone.

Some future trends of AR & VR can be:

  • Play Games In VR/AR on your Phones
  • AR-based destination navigator
  • Make more money with virtual and augmented reality


Wearables have already created a huge wave among users which means there will be a growing demand for mobile apps based on these devices. Though wearables technology has not yet reached its full potential. The full potential of wearable technology is yet to be unlocked in the future. The industries such as the sports and healthcare industries have been using wearable technology enormously. In the near future, more mobile apps will be made available keeping wearables in the mind. The consumers will be able to download tons of apps directly with some clicks from their writs. Isn’t that amazing?

Some future trends of AR & VR can be:

  • Wearable tech for mental health
  • Smart earnings/li>
  • Smart shoes

Trends in mobile app development are constantly changing, basically, it’s what the customer wants to see in a software. If you are building an app for today you can’t use information that is you to three years old. To sustain the competition you must follow the trend. In other words, the future of mobile is the future of everything.

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