Integrating IoT with Enterprise Mobility Management: What Benefits Does it Bring?

Integrating IoT with Enterprise Mobility Management: What Benefits Does it Bring?

Since its inception, the Internet of Things has never failed to impress us. Along with reforming the ways people work or manage their businesses, it strengthens the connectivity of each and every device that comes under its umbrella.
By the execution of IoT, the EMM has had advancements too. The alliance between EMM and IoT has not only helped the devices mingle, but also connected the users.

Before we get deeper into the blog, let’s backtrack a bit…

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things is a network that connects physical devices to the Internet to gather and share certain data. IoT devices can be remotely controlled and monitored and can be used to interact with others over the internet. These IoT-enabled devices can be anything from smartwatches, smart appliances, and smart homes to self-driving cars that consist of complex sensors and smart detectors.

Internet of Things

What is EMM?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the process of maintaining and encrypting the use of mobile devices and mobile computing services. It enables employees to enhance their productivity by offering them significant tools to perform tasks on mobile devices. EMM is an amalgamation of Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) that offers data protection, threat management, access, app management, visibility, and segregation of work data and personal data.

Advantages of IoT and EMM integration

The integration of IoT with EMM offers myriad benefits, a few of which are:

1. Enhanced delicacy

EMM and IoT together result in employees learning how to respond to market trends quickly. Along with making employees act instantly, it also helps in constructing a profitable business prototype. This leads to businesses becoming more adaptable and effective, along with the confidence to approach the constantly changing market.

2. Refined security

When working with Enterprise Mobility Management, the chances of companies facing security or data breach usually linger around. This is where IoT jumps in and helps in coping with such problems by offering vital statistics. All this can be achieved by monitoring the mobile safeguards and identifying the solution.

Enterprise Mobility Management

3. Better predictions

The requirements of customers are never constant. With such fluctuating behavior, predicting their needs becomes diligent. However, integrating IoT with EMM helps in delivering the best solution through managing, enabling, and analyzing the patterns and communicating with the customers. It also allows tracking the most used feature to help a business know how to improve its services.

4. Improved performance

With all these benefits of IoT and EMM together, it is a given that the performance and overall productivity of a company will be positively affected. The combination of IoT and EMM enables tracking, monitoring, and controlling both on the field and off the field processes. This results in making the operation more streamlined.

Winding up

As we can already see, the adoption rate of IoT is skyrocketing. The usage of mobile devices is also not too far behind. The internet is reforming everything around us. The visions are being changed into reality. It is crucial to have a perfect Enterprise Mobile Management program to implement IoT in a secure and effective manner. It will not be a shocker when AI will step in and change the game for good.

Source: Programmer Gate, Vita Enterprise Solutions, eSecurity Planet

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Rachit AgarwalIntegrating IoT with Enterprise Mobility Management: What Benefits Does it Bring?