Security Concerns With IoT Enabled Devices!

Security Concerns With IoT Enabled Devices!

IoT or Internet of Things is one of the most transformative innovations of this time. IoT is a simple process of connecting devices with internet smartly. This technique allows sending and receiving of data which allow devices to act independently.


This comprises of smart homes systems and even the driverless cars. IoT or ‘Internet of Things’ refers to the shared intelligence and network connectivity between varied devices. The uniqueness of IoT is that all the devices broadcast the information via internet connectivity. This is so surprising at times that even the devices which are close by will communicate with each other via internet whose server is located across millions of miles. Since these devices are interconnected through cloud services which are governed by centralized servers, there are evident and vulnerable points of attack.

With increased demand and availability of IoT enabled solutions, countless startup companies have pushed themselves to use these solutions. These solutions are not only appealing to businesses concerned with compliance requirements or security but consumers also look for new ‘smart home’ features too.

IoT enabled solutions are fabulous and offer a wide range of services which comprises of automated door-lock systems, alert systems for light, temperature increase and decrease, leaking faucets, smoke alarms, video surveillance, even making coffee for you. These services can be accessed through your smart devices, therefore, simplifying things.

The increased interconnectivity along with great information shared between devices does not come without problems. Since its use has grown among users, the abuse has also increased simultaneously. With some tests and audits been done randomly on various products like cameras, smoke detectors, home-automation controllers and thermostats, the tests revealed that devices compromises with 20 minutes and also suffers from various glitches like weak passwords policies, built-in backdoors and lack of encryption.

The demand for these products is outperforming the security and standards of these products. IoT industry still has to develop some basic set of standards for consumers and businesses. Users must view these systems as an extension of networks and computers and they must demand the same level of accountability from manufacturers. Not doing this may risk the greatest of threats to privacy and safety.

Although we have certain insecurities with some of these solutions and there are several things which one has to securely implement these solutions:

Dealing With Reputed Manufacturers

Always deal with reputed vendors since these vendors actively address vulnerabilities by releasing patches to address them and publicly acknowledging the same.

Checking Updates Regularly

Go for regular updates of your equipment. These updates are part of your lifecycle costs of owning and using your devices. Contact your manufacturer in case you come across with threats and vulnerabilities. In case a manufacturer does not respond kindly take the issue forward and avoid doing business with the vendor in future.

Scanning Networks

Your network is a very dynamic entity which changes on day to day basis. For most compliance regulations regular risk assessments are very much required. In this volatile landscape, these regular risk assessments are very critical for identifying risks.

Using Security Password Practices

Using password complexity best practices, the default passwords should always be changed. This ensures only authorized individuals know the passwords. Following best practice for passwords and changing passwords periodically is an awesome idea and it will help in strengthening your security.

Protecting Points of Access

Protect the point. Be sure to protect the points of access for your controls. If you access your system through your smartphone, be sure to employ a PIN, encryption, and if possible, remote wipe capabilities in case your phone is lost. When you replace the phone, all access to your controls must be removed from the old phone.

Wrap Up

Therefore, the rapid evolution of technologies like video surveillance and home automation is a great example of potential uses for technology, but one must be careful to understand the potential abuses. If proper security measurements are followed, system and solutions get aptly implemented and maintained correctly they hold the potential to dramatically enhance our homes, workplaces and business facilities. They even add security, energy efficiency, safety and peace of mind. Enterprises must understand the potential as well the liability and must have the experience to securely implement these IoT enabled solutions.

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