NativeScript 6.0: Latest Features, Powerful Updates, & More!

NativeScript 6.0: Latest Features, Powerful Updates, & More!

When it comes to cross-platform app development, NativeScript is known for its calibre. It is an open-source framework that aids developers in developing applications on the Android and iOS platforms. NativeScript apps are created using JavaScript or TypeScript. The framework also supports VueJS and AngularJS frameworks.

The latest version of this highly-appreciated framework, NativeScript 6.0 launched recently. This new release of NativeScript is equipped with a bunch of valuable cross-platform development features that are all set to escalate the productivity of the developers.

Below, we have explained the key NativeScript 6.0 features that the mobile app developers are eagerly looking forward to:

NativeScript 6.0 features

1. Bundle Workflow:

With the announcement of NativeScript 6.0, the developers will have access to the bundle workflow that allows bundling the source code in a much effective manner for app development. The Command Line Interface (CLI) of the NativeScript enables creating apps in two certain ways, Legacy Workflow and Bundle Workflow, respectively. Bundle Workflow depends on webpack mainly for bundling the source code into the output files. Legacy Workflow completely duplicates the source code directory.

Because of NativeScript 6.0, the CLI of the NativeScript supports an integrated way of creating apps called Bundle Workflow, eliminating the option of Legacy Workflow.

2. NativeScript AppSync:

Is it still an update if it does not allow fast-paced development? A great framework update will always support quick fixes that would enhance your application’s ability to bring in more business conversions.

When it comes to mobile app development, there are various factors that cannot be controlled in terms of the availability of the updates, and every app developer looks for the automatic availability of latest updates to the users.

To reduce the discrepancies between app launch and app update, NativeScript 6.0 has come up with a new beta feature called the NativeScript AppSync. This feature will allow the developers to launch the latest updates of an application immediately. This way, the developers will be able to control the release of the app updates without depending on the app store.

3. AndroidX Support:

With the AndroidX component introduced for Android app development services, a major improvement has been made to the original Android Support Library, i.e., enabling backward-compatibility.

NativeScript 6.0 supporting AndroidX offers app developers the benefits like Material Design Components and much more. The developers who are already using the Android Support Library for plugins and apps can move to AndroidX now.


4. TabView:

Along with the new NativeScript version comes an improved TabView which is one of the most awaited value additions. With a refined syntax, this revamped version of TabView will provide developers with various customization options and the flexibility to create an awesome user experience. Also, each and every component that builds up the TabView is styleable. Plus, the font icons are supported.

These new additions are still in BETA, however, the process of improving such features further is ongoing.

5. Kendo Themes Support and Code Sharing:

Less development time equals faster time-to-market. To achieve this, many mobile and web app developers are focusing on creating a common and easy to access codebase for developing web and mobile applications quicker. NativeScript 6.0 allows developers to create web applications with Kendo theme and at the same time, use Kendo Theme builder for developing NativeScript applications.

The manual setting of classes to components is also eliminated with the improvements made to the NativeScript Core Theme. All the components begin to function the moment the theme is installed.

code sharing

6. Dark theme:

The entire theme engine has got a complete makeover that has made things easier for developers, like creating and designing engaging apps with minimum time and effort. Apart from this, the new NativeScript version is also launching a dark theme.

The dark theme is already gaining popularity for its aesthetics and the readability it provides, making NativeScript apps more equipped visually. This new dark theme will have a similar look to the dark mode feature introduced by the latest iOS 13 version.

NativeScript 6.0 has made a grand entrance. With such power-packed features, the cross-platform mobile app development is going to improve tenfold. What are your thoughts on NativeScript 6.0? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: NativeScript, CMARIX TechnoLabs, InfoWorld

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