How to Select a Certified Salesforce Consultant?

How to Select a Certified Salesforce Consultant?

Cloud computing was always there in one form or another, but it has started to really develop in the past half decade or so. Salesforce is one of those latest innovation in cloud computing and along with big names like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, is considered one of the pioneers of software as a service (SaaS) industry. Salesforce is now a very important cloud based customer relationship management software and is a must have platform for nearly every multi branch organization. Even though Salesforce may be a new technology for you, it is 15 year old product and there many Salesforce development companies available on the Internet. Therefore finding a certified salesforce consultant partner that meets all your requirements could prove to be difficult.

So here I am going to give you 6 tips to help you decide on the right Salesforce certified consultant for your business.

Tip 1: Have a rough idea about your requirements

The first step is to figure out why exactly you need a Salesforce product. We understand that Salesforce is relatively new product and you won’t have much idea about what it can accomplish, therefore it’s necessary to research on the topic before you begin. Visit It has tons of information.

Or you can always contact us. We are one of the most experienced and certified Salesforce consultant and can provide you expert help on anything related to Salesforce.

Tip 2: Choose your partner candidates wisely

Everywhere in this post I will use the term Salesforce partner instead of developer or consultant because to truly make a Salesforce product you need an all-round project developer that not only works for you but with you in finalizing the development and operational strategy of the product. You would need a friend who instead of doing what you say actually provides you with choices about what can be done and then make the final product based on your choice. Realizing this same point officially recognizes Salesforce developers and provides certifications to recognized companies. You can find out which companies are officially recognized Salesforce developers on the Salesforce website. For choosing your partner candidates, traditional approach of consulting with friends and checking out online reviews also works but we would advise you to actually contact as many Salesforce developers as you can to get a feel of the market first. Your conversation with the developer will also help you in choosing the best partner for your company.

Tip 3: Plan a budget

You cannot proceed without finalizing a budget. Professionals are interested in clients who are themselves professionals and without a budget outline many processes get very difficult to manage in the later stages of development. In addition it will also help you and your Salesforce consulting partner in prioritizing your requirements.

Also when you are making a budget, take into consideration data migration costs, especially if you are migrating from another CRM to Salesforce. Sometimes migrating data from legacy CRMs to new ones can stack up a large bill.

Tip 4: Is you partner a good listener?

You are looking for a good partner not a deal closer. Your partner should be expert in the field and this expertise is most evident in the interest they show towards actually understanding your requirements. Experts ask expert questions expertly. They are also good listeners and it is one of the quality that differentiate professionals from deal closing salesman. The right partner should have good technical expertise, business insight and operations proficiency, and the ability to describe clearly the system’s ability to support your business needs and goals.

Tip 5: It’s all about good management

Salesforce development is relatively easy. What’s difficult is jotting down all the minute requirements and managing the development of the product based on these requirements. Therefore you should not look for a developer, you should look for an all-round management hero who likes to think big and think intelligently. A Salesforce consulting partner who have immense experience in all types of field, especially yours, and understands your project. To gauge this you have to observe how fast your consultant plans your project and what project management methodology they uses. Careful planning and efficient management is the only way to success. A good manager will always ask you meaningful questions and will listen to you carefully.

Tip 6: It’s a long term relationship

It’s also important to consider a partner based on their ability to provide long term support. Stitched and gathered development teams may complete your projects on time but providing long term support is impossible for them. You need to choose a partner that can form a long term relationship and have clear understanding of what comes next.

For more details you can contact salesforce Consulting partners at +1-877-284-1028 (Toll Free).

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Pratyush KumarHow to Select a Certified Salesforce Consultant?