How to Design a Website for Your App and How to Promote It

How to Design a Website for Your App and How to Promote It

In earlier mobile application development days, a website dedicated to an app was not even considered. But as the competition increased new avenues of promotion were required and people once again turned to web. In present market conditions, creating a dedicated app website is even more important. So much important the website is that professional app developers are creating and launching the website months before the actual launch of the App itself. A dedicated App website will give your app definitive SEO advantages, give you a base from which you can start your online app promotion, and if properly made, help you to connect with your users as well.

Continuing with our series on Mobile App Promotion, in this post we are going to discuss why exactly you need a website for your app, what would its uses, what should be its design features and in end we will showcase some expertly made Mobile App websites from which you can take inspiration.

Why you need an App Website

The foremost reasons for a dedicated app website is for SEO and promotional benefits. But instead of these obvious reasons, a creatively build app website have numerous other benefits. Here are the top reasons why you would need a website for your app.

Search Engine Optimization

The basic principle behind search engine optimization(SEO) is that search engines should find your content more valuable and authoritative than your competitors. The best way to achieve this is by making your content more popular than your competitors, by making it more talked about on the internet. This requires that you create a base to which you can point out your audience to a wider collection of information. And what better base then your own website. As we stated in our first post, 16% of people discover apps through general browsing and 14% through direct search results. Therefore influencing search engines will lead to good increase in app downloads.

Base for starting Promotion

You cannot create an app-store page without launching your app, but you can create a website. You can start your promotion campaign, and we insist that its utmost important to do so, even before launching the app. You need to add coming soon banners in the website graphics, add lots of screenshots, gameplays videos, trailers, teasers, potential uses of the app and the other promotional stuff. You can even start your social media promotional campaign based on the website. And after your have launched the App and created an app store page, you can link it to the website and vice-versa replace coming-soon banners with appstore download buttons and go on with the campaign. A dedicated app website also gives a sense of genuineness and professionalism to your apps when you direct your potential users to the site.

Collecting Email Address of potential users

Now once you have started the promotion of your website you can urge your website audience to subscribe to a update feed, or your mailing feed keeping them appraised of release dates and updates date. This will give you an inkling of how much people are interested in your app, even before its launch. So on the launch date fire away a nice email newsletter to your subscribers and instantly you would generate 200-500 installs depending upon your subscriber lists.

Getting Feedback and Recommendations

In addition to the social networks you can also engage with your audience through your website itself. Ask for feedbacks, recommendations, their ideas and their expectations from the app. Talk about how the development is coming along and discuss around the topics related to the market. Its like building a community and gives an indirect boost to your word-of-mouth app discovery path.

Give Credibility to the App

I also said it before and would like to say it again that having a dedicated app website gives your app a strong credibility. It shows that you are serious about your product and will see it through all the way. It also gives you a place you can direct your friends, family and well wishers when asked about what you are doing.

Design features of App Website

Every website is different. Its up to your creativity to add whatever you wish to add to your website designs. However there are some common design features every app website should have

Device Screenshots

The main design feature of every App Website is screenshots of the applications. Visitors came to your site to know about the app and the best way to demonstrate the capabilities of your app is through screenshots. Your whole website design should revolve around the screenshots and Gameplay video.

App Video trailer

Another great design feature to quickly showcase your apps design as well as capabilities. A great video trailer to showcase your app is now a design requirement. Consumer Apps and Game apps specially require a gameplay video trailer.

Gifts for subscribers or loyal customers

Virtual currency gifts or feature unlock gifts to website subscribers or followers. You can even add hidden design features, finding which may lead to gifts; search Easter eggs to know more.

App Store Badges

These are also quite standard nowadays. Once you have finished your app and launched it on app stores, add download links to your website. App badges are now a universally recognized symbols to the app marketplaces so it will once again add credibility to your app and website.

Extra Features & Details

Of course you want to give your visitors some good information on the app. Some designers choose to keep their application websites very simple and easy. A download button, screenshots, and social links, although it can’t hurt to offer just a bit of detailed info on the side.

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