How does Salesforce help Organizations Increase their Sales Productivity?

How does Salesforce help Organizations Increase their Sales Productivity?

Sales productivity is the product of its efficiency and its effectiveness. Maintaining a healthy customer relationship is the key to a successful business. Customers can prove out to be the best marketing people a business can have. Selling your products or services is not sufficient, it is very crucial to have a loyal relationship with your customers. High performing sales teams use up to 3x the amount of technology and tools than the underperformers. Salesforce is one such tool that helps in increasing the revenue and sales of an organization. Efficiency depends on the right allocation of available resources which can be easily improved through the right kind of effort. Effectiveness, however, can be quite challenging since it is affected by how potently you utilize the available resources. Salesforce implementation can help streamline your sales process and boost productivity in a way that you’ll forget there was ever a time of worrying about your organization’s sales performance.

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Reasons to increase sales and revenue of an organization using Salesforce:

1. Find the right customers

Using Salesforce helps in following the right track to find the right customers. According to statistics, 79% of the customer leads are never converted to sales. But if you are prepared already, knowing which leads are the hottest then it will not only save time but also give a fruitful outcome of your investments and resources. Having a complete view of leads, keeping a regular record, and creating connections by targeting the prospecting leads further will result in increased sales.

2. Build more sustainable relationships

Building a relationship with your customers based on mutual trust and success is extremely crucial for long term benefits. It begins with exploring the challenges and finding out the customer goals. Picking up the conversation from where you left, makes the customer feel more engaged in your business. A platform like Salesforce can host email templates, set up task reminders, and enable phone calls to help you connect with customers faster and easier.

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3. Increase employee productivity

Adopting the right technology eases out your team from the heavy process of hunting the contact information and a lot of paperwork. Using Salesforce, employees can easily check all the previous records, make connections based on customer preferences, and deliver better results. Salesforce allows automation across sales, service, and marketing that helps in enhancing the productivity of employees.

4. Team Collaboration

With the help of the Salesforce Chatter feature, one can maintain continuous communication with their respective team members and talk about work-related information like clients, territory, and other essential details. Chatter also allows you to add more members and schedule their tasks so that more leads can be finalized and sales can be increased. This keeps the entire team updated regarding the necessary information and improves the overall efficiency.

5. Time management

With the right strategy towards work and planning towards resources, you naturally get the benefit of time management. Working according to the work calendar, prioritizing clients can help in delivering all the projects in the given time frame, hence increasing the trust of your customers and the performance of employees.

6. Cost Efficiency

With the help of Salesforce, you can track the highest selling products, purchase history of customers, and figure out how to make the best use of resources. This helps in reducing the overall production and marketing costs as well.

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Pratyush KumarHow does Salesforce help Organizations Increase their Sales Productivity?