Dreamforce 2015 – Rumours and Speculations

Dreamforce 2015 – Rumours and Speculations

Dreamforce 2015 is behemothic…it is one of the biggest Salesforce event about to happen this year.

When we open the gigantic box of Dreamforce we see the three I’s i.e, inspiration, imagination and innovation neatly wrapped inside it. The biggest salesforce event of the year can be rightly referred to as “…opportunity of lifetime and time of your life at the same time.”

Dreamforce is all about learning hard and partying harder. From exceptionally talented speakers all over the globe to the greatest visual treats and eye candies of the entertainment world all will share the same stage. They are all set to flood the stage with knowledge and innovation and at the same time to set it on fire with performances from the Grammy winners.

It is the rule of the world that whenever something massive and huge is about to happen people start anticipating and anticipation often is the main reason that leads to rumors and a lot of speculations. So it would be rather surprising if such an event did not witness rumors about it.
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Awesomeness about learning, innovations, and enhancements at this year’s Dreamforce

So brew yourself a cup of steaming coffee and glue yourself to the screen to see the wildest speculations you have ever come across.


It’s ‘Shoe’ Time:
The shoes of Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce has always been a smoking topic since the beginning. It may sound contradictory to his image but he always has the perfect timing of arriving in strong, flashy and contrasting colours and put forward yet another strong fashion statement. But this year what catches the spotlight is not his shoes but the fact that he had asked the 5th graders to design his pair of shoes with which he will make his grand entry in Dreamforce 2015. Yeah, cool!


Mascot Makeover:
Drop SaaSy!! Yes I’m talking about our all time favourite mascot SaaSy. Though there is a debate weather SaaSy is liked more or disliked more but people never leave a scope to get clicked with the infamous SaaSy anyways. According to the latest digging what struck us was mascot makeover.

No matter what we are just too used to our dear old SaaSy and can keep our finger’s crossed that SaaSy doesn’t change to the point of being unrecognizable.


Like Kanye West Opening:
Yes Kanye West! You heard it right! The controversial man Mr. West whom we love may or may not be invited by Mr. Benioff is to set the stage on fire. Kanye West is expected to give the main performance of the night. Despite of his infamous stage tantrums West has earned the love of millions because of his unmatched talent and electrifying performances. So another reason for you to rock at Dreamforce ‘15 could solely because of Kanye West.


Eye Candy – Kim Kardashian:
Kim Kardashian the great American television personality and socialite will be one of the keynote speakers. The speculations so far is that the model eye-candy is expected to deliver her note revolving around machine learning and big data. But the irony lies in the fact that she will be delivering her note on how the big data will benefit your business standing amongst the most intelligent business professionals across the globe. Though it’s contradictory but I’m sure it is one such presentation which you will definitely not want to miss at any cost. She will also speak enlighten people about her new App which unfortunately is still not on AppExchange ;).


Dreamforce’2015 – the movie:
Television actors, models, singers then why not will producers and directors not be a part of this grandeur. The Hollywood Funnyman Adam Sandler will be himself be the part of Dreamforce 2015 collecting visuals and data about the grand event for his upcoming film… “Dreamforce- The Movie”.

Well sounds interesting! Then here is the detailed speculation about it…. the movie plot revolves around Dreamforce after 200 years , where Sandler plays a reincarnated Marc Benioff to rescue the ‘the cloud’ from an evil alien. It would be starring Lori Beth Denberg, Kevin James, and of course Sandler himself.


Bono Bewilderment:
This time be pretty sure to meet your bono, yes the real bono. This year the rose glass Bono loitering in the Dreamforce campus will the real one. So get picture-ready to get yourself clicked for the social media can’t wait to publish your selfies.


Good time without a Goodie!?
No matter of what age you are and of what status you always have a special attraction towards goodies and freebies. Starting from t-shirts to pens and stress balls you have it all in one bag pack. So keep your finger’s crossed till the time you open your own goodie bag!

…looking forward to Dreamforce 2015
No matter whatever the rumors or speculations are but none of us can deny that Dreamforce is big and it has been getting bigger each year. With FinancialForce.com as it’s Titanium level sponsor it will be even more mammoth this year. According to Leslie Tom, the Vice President of Partner Marketing at Salesforce a decade ago there were only 3,000 registered partner but today the number has surged to 150,000. On one hand where you will get the privilege of listening to the best business brains of the world like Marc Benioff ( Chairman & CEO,Salesforce), Satya Nadella, (CEO, Microsoft), Susan Wojcicki (CEO, Youtube), Jessica Alba (Founder, The Honest Company), Hikmet Ersek (President / CEO, Western Union),and a lot more on the other hand you will be partying hard with the 11 times Grammy winners The Foo Fighters. So Dreamforce’2015 gives you every reason to look forward to it and do come to San Francisco. I‘ll be there, however, for a lot of reasons. See you there.


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