Things Not to do at Dreamforce : Tips and Tricks from Salesforce success community

Things Not to do at Dreamforce : Tips and Tricks from Salesforce success community

Dreamforce is just around the corner and excitement is already in the air. Of the many things that CAN be done at Dreamforce, there are some things NOT to do. Even if it is not your first trip, you must know that there are lots of stuff and activities which you can do without!

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The idea of writing down the blog came to my mind after getting an overwhelming response from my post on Salesforce Success Community where I asked people for a ‘Things not to do’ list. The response has been terrific. Awesome enough to preserve it forever for one and all- and hence the idea of this blog. So go ahead and find out all those lovely, smart, useful, sensible, funny, and witty Don’ts which people shared from their experiences at Dreamforce events.

Don’t go late to lunches/snacks – they have been known to run out of food.

Peter Bender (Exponent Partners)

Do not spend all of your time with people you already know.

Jen Nelson (Demand Solutions Group/Chicago Suburban User Group Leader)

Don’t feel like you have to go to EVERY event, every night. It’s okay to skip a networking event or a party to spend an evening in your hotel room, resting and recharging. Save your energy for the sessions and keynotes.

Celeste Keller(PECI)

Don’t miss out on the Expo. Aside from the really great swag, you get so much helpful information and demos. I made that mistake my 1st two DFs to pile up on pure sessions and got to only hear from colleagues on how great it was.

Sylvia Cabral (Arkus, Inc.)

Don’t miss the chance to connect with people via the Dreamforce community and groups and miss the opportunity to catch up in real life. Those conversations can be priceless. Also look for Meetups that are not sponsored parties – they provide a better opportunity to meet and chat with people.
This was a big part of my first Dreamforce in 2010 and the reason I return each year.

Peter Chalmers(Morphate)

Don’t forget to update your Success Community Profile! Dreamforce attendees will receive a badge with your name, company and photo, all of which will be pulled from your community profile! If you haven’t already done so, update your profile and put a face to the name!

Brent Downey(ReadyTalk |

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others in sessions, the expo or elevator. Networking is a key component of Dreamforce! Also, don’t miss the Foundation Zone, which is the central hub for the nonprofit work Salesforce is doing. It’s awesome and you might just find your calling in life!

Joni Martin(Customer)

Don’t plan on picking up a quick coffee between sessions. Every coffee shop will be *jam packed.* Have a backup caffeination game plan.

Carolyn Grabill(

Do not be a wallflower – there are so many people from so many diverse walks of life that you cannot help but learn and grow if you are simply open to saying “Hi, I’m (Name), are you enjoying the conference?”

Do not pass on the after-hours events – again, lots of great opportunity to network and share knowledge and experiences.

Jen Nelson (Demand Solutions Group/Chicago Suburban User Group Leader)

DON’T go during peak hours, such as lunch, if you actually want to talk to anyone in the Expo hall. The hall is so packed at those times that it is difficult even to walk though, let alone navigate to a booth and talk to a vendor. Plan to go during sessions or at the start/end of the day instead when fewer people are around.

Peter Bender(Exponent Partners)

Don’t need to carry your device chargers around. You ‘ll find plenty of charging stations around the place I assure you.

George Kirk(Customer)

My first year was a whirlwind because I tried to have every hour filled. Make sure you have time to get from one location to the other and DON’T overload your schedule.

Nicholas Pagnani(Career Step)

Don’t snack or over eat. With all the walking combined with controlled food intake you could actually loose weight during a conference instead of gain! I did.

Justin Williams(Textura Corporation)

Be selective about who you allow to scan your badge in the Expo – I only allow those whose products I’m interested in.

A Vendor do/don’t – be mindful if you’re scanning Canadians. We have new anti-spam legislation and you may be in violation of it if you’re emailing without specific disclaimer or permission.

Laura Reinholz(Manulife Financial)

DON’T go all out on the first night. Dreamforce is a marathon, not a sprint! DO bring an umbrella, no matter what the forecast is.DO bring breath mints, cards, a water bottle. DO make plans to meet with the people you really want to see. You may or may not run into them amongst the other 100,000 attendees. DO have fun. DO set up your auto-responder.

Marisa Lopez(Exponent Partners)

DON’T bring your laptop. Seriously, don’t. Unless you have some kind of ultralight, you’ll regret carrying it around. Find another smaller device, like an iPad or other tablet, so that you don’t have a paperweight in your bag. 4 pounds may not seem like a lot, but it amounts to 20 at the end of the day. Also, find any other way to carry as little as possible as you wander the grounds.

Mark Ross(Cox Automotive)

Do not be intimidated by Marc, Parker or any other notable/visible Executive – they are extremely personable and huge proponents of the User Community.

Do not overbook yourself – the conference is huge at this point so the map included in the Dreamforce section is something we should be extremely familiar with.

Do not forget to pack a jacket, weather-resistant shoes and an umbrella; Murphy’s Law is that if you do not pack these things, it will be cold and rainy all week.

Do not be surprised or offended by the Protesters and Demonstrators – they come out every year and may be other Techies, but may also be religious proponents or even homeless folks. They are loud but, in my experience, never aggressive nor hostile.

Jen Nelson (Demand Solutions Group/Chicago Suburban User Group Leader)

DON’T feel like you need to take all the swag that you get. SF will provide a nice (but likely very colorful and branded) backpack for you, in which there will be a few useful things like paper session schedules & descriptions. It will also be filled with ads for all kinds of companies & products. You don’t need to take any of this, including the bag, if you don’t want to carry it around.

Peter Bender(Exponent Partners)

DON’T rely solely on the wireless network or your device’s data connection, particularly at the large events. Such networks will be overloaded and often intermittent. So DO write down your schedule and important details on paper, so you can have it when your device can’t connect. (Also, there will be screens all around the event that will show current sessions and other real-time Dreamforce updates.)

Peter Bender(Exponent Partners)

Don’t be afraid to say hello to people you don’t know! Lines before events are great places to meet new friends and you never know, they may have the solution or advice you’re looking for!

Elizabeth Davidson(Acumen Solutions)

The story does not end here

You can join the discussion at Salesforce Success Community’s All Dreamforce group. If you are a first-time Dreamforce visitor you should not miss it, and even if you are seasoned attendee you may find something to tickle those old memories.

We are looking forward to your comments at the success community discussion or if you have any other useful advice feel free to leave a comment at the end of this blog. Just in case you have not gone through Dreamforce 2018 Is Here! Are You Ready To Explore Endless Opportunities? , do check it out if interested.

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