Bridging the Gap between Offline and Online Promotion of App

Bridging the Gap between Offline and Online Promotion of App

Since the rise of internet age we have seen a significant divide between online and offline marketing of brands. It is not uncommon for companies to have separate teams for online brand promotion and offline brand building. This trend is also visible in mobile app marketing. However in reality, for consumers there is no separate divisions for online and offline brands. For them your whole brand is one single entity. Since both your online and offline campaigns are directed to enhance the reputation of that single entity, it is logical that both campaigns should have a common thread to enable seamless brand presence.

In our previous posts we talked about how a well-planned online and offline app promotion campaigns individually can boost your app revenue. But in this blog, I shall talk to you about the inter-dependencies of both campaigns and how they can co-exist and complement each other in boosting your app promotion and henceforth your app revenue.

So roll your sleeves and bring out your reporter’s note-pads for you are to get ready for some real tips that you should keep in mind while planning your online as well as offline app promotion.

Tip#1: Website URLs in Print Banners

App website URL should be an integral part of your print banner designs. You can also include your social media URLs in you print banners as well. You should optimize your social media URLs so that they are easy to remember.

Offline promotional tips

Tip#2: Viral Hashtag

Hash Tags are now integral part of social media campaign. So how about creating a hashtag of your offline event and then promoting it online extensively through that hashtag?

You can consider including these hashtags in your print banners to give your offline audience a handle to talk about your event. Similarly you can include you online event’s hashtag in your next print media advertisement to give a boost to your online campaign. Remember, in this social media world there is nothing that promotes a brand better than a hashtag gone viral.

Tip#3: Power of QR codes

Appstore URLs and Playstore URLs are little complex. You cannot promote them directly through print advertisement. However you can connect with your audience’s mobile devices and that also right from your paper ad through QR codes.

  • This 2 dimensional barcode gives you a means to take your offline audience to online destinations.
  • Instead of storing URLs you can include custom URLs for QR codes.
  • Now if you add analytics to this technique you can find out the effectiveness of your offline campaigns and then optimize them accordingly.

Remember, QR codes are a hugely powerful tool to link your online and offline efforts, but only when used correctly.

Tip#4: Promoting Offline campaigns in online media

Along with using hashtags to link you online and offline campaigns, you can use social media to boost your offline events or build the human-touch image of your company in the social network.

  • Create social network posts promoting your offline events.
  • Share the outcomes of those events and provide real time updates about your event on social networks, with images of course.
  • Wherever possible, use lots of images and videos. Visual content can mesmerize, remember!
  • In addition, your websites should also reflect information about these events- A combined online and offline effort is the only way to make your event hugely successful.

Tip#5: Use Emails to add that finishing touch

Every company nowadays has a customer contact list or subscription list that they use for email marketing purpose. Well, offline and online events are also part of marketing so why not use your emails to promote your event among those who would be most interested in it? which is but your customers. A well thought-out personal email can compel your customers to attend your event even if they are miles apart from it.

Lastly, make sure that all your communication mails have updated signature images. Email signatures are small yet important tool to promote your event.

Everything is Connected

If you have an online presence and you have spend significant effort to build it then why not give it a little boost through your offline campaigns. Similarly every offline event requires huge effort from every direction possible to make them a success. And as we realize now, online media is one such direction.

The world is now getting smaller and smaller as the connections are becoming larger and numerous. You never know what can contribute to establish a defining presence of your brand in consumers’ mind. But a concerted effort can make that happen. So next time you are planning a promotion event, bringing together your online and offline teams might not be such a bad idea after all!

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Rachit AgarwalBridging the Gap between Offline and Online Promotion of App