Algoworks Launches AWOM- A Salesforce App for Opportunity Management

Algoworks Launches AWOM- A Salesforce App for Opportunity Management

Easier and efficient opportunities management in Salesforce CRM has been the unanswered prayer for many managers and sales organization alike, ever since the launch of Salesforce itself.

Algoworks, a registered Salesforce partner and Salesforce developer, has been catering to various clients and customers who have been looking approaching us for customizing Salesforce in various ways. In fact, customization of opportunities interface has been one of the most sought after service by our clients.

Inspired by the preferences and motivated by the demands of thousands of voices of Salesforce users, Algoworks is proud to launch its first native application-Algoworks Opportunity Manager or simple AWOM.

It is a complete Salesforce app for smarter, faster, and easier opportunity management. The app is intuitive, ingenious, and steps ahead of the native opportunities management interface.

Journey to Algoworks Opportunity Manager

Salesforce was the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that changed the way we looked at cloud computing. It is currently one of the very popular CRM and is considered a pinnacle innovation in software as a service sector.

Salesforce is highly flexible, customizable, and bursting with features. However to achieve this feature robustness, many individual features are either, not as developed as they should be, or they don’t actually have a user-friendly interface.

Salesforce’s native opportunity management is one such feature that is very hard to use. In fact it’s also one of the most frequently asked questions by our clients– ‘Can you make Opportunity Management somehow more user friendly?’

While some felt lost managing enormous list of opportunities, others felt depressed and annoyed at some of the handicaps in the system such as redundant clicks, lengthy process of accessing particular data. At the managerial level, tracking opportunities and a concise view of ‘getting the picture in-one-go’ was not even an option.

We were looking at not only making it much more comfortable for the users and making it more sensible and customized as per their wishes, but also a system which would remarkably reduce time-efforts and in a team more than 5, it meant saving hundreds of hours per month!

Inspired by such demands and thorough user-analysis achieved by observing various client’s requests and preferences, we designed and developed it. Little did we know that the app would end up having such sharp and unique features besides just being user-friendly and having the ability to provide a deep intuitive analysis of the sales opportunities.

Algoworks Opportunity Manager has multiple features and all are designed keeping the end users in mind. Out of them the main features that sets the app apart form the rest are:

  • Robust and easy-to-use pagination and record-view mode
  • An editable and interactive pipeline view of opportunities
  • Powerful data-charts rendering and display tools

However the main feature of the app is its user friendly interface and intuitive design. Each of the above mentioned feature is equipped with supporting features to allow users more efficient management and analysis of their opportunities.

Filters, pagination and record-view modes

The home screen of the Opportunity Manager app will bring you a list of all your opportunity data in the pagination view. The home screen itself is equipped with multiple filtering options that will allow you to sort and filter your displayed records. At the top, you can filter using the basic filter orders to generate filtered list of opportunities for the very first time. These filters are based on opportunity stage, lead source, opportunity type, forecast category, open/closed records, timeframe, account and campaign.

AWOM- A Salesforce App for Opportunity Management
The pagination view allows users to view records in a tabular format that can be scrolled through pagination buttons. The columns of the table can be customized by click of a button. You can also sort the records according to values of a column.

Opportunity Manager Pagination Feature
Clicking on ADD results in the default Opportunities page to show up and when the value fields have been filled and saved, the page is redirected correctly to opportunities page with the new entry. Similar procedure works to edit a record, except there is no distinct button for EDIT but one can enter record editing screen by simply clicking on a record

An Amazing Pipeline View

Pipeline View Feature AWOM
The most amazing feature of the app by far is the pipeline view. Designed specifically for sales teams and managers, the pipeline view presents all the major information of a record arranged in a stage wise view.

pipeline view highlights
This is a drag and drop-view in which the user can easily change the stage status of each record by a simple drag and drop action.

AWOM Pipeline Feature Description
The top bar of the Opportunity Pipeline view displays the total number of deals-in-progress in that particular stage as well as total prospective value of the all deals in that stage.

Opportunity Analysis Through Smart Charts

To facilitate the analysis of opportunities, we have also included state-of-the-art chart rendering feature in the Opportunity Manager app itself. Users can create pie charts or bar graphs of the records and can further enhance the charts using filters.

AWOM Pie Chart feature
The Charts rendered are themselves interactive. On hovering mouse on various elements of the graphs, you get a hovering- text field that describes the details of the filters that you have chosen and shows what data is displayed at what axis in the case of bar graphs, and percentage values of the section in case of pie charts.

AWOM Chart Feature Description
The whole process is great visual aid in intuitively analyzing your ongoing deals in a smarter and faster manner. Treat to the eye, trust me.

Smarter, Easier and Faster Opportunity Management

The whole app is designed and developed to facilitate an easier, smarter and more efficient management of opportunities. The tabular views, minimum click features, and fully customizable records, are all designed keeping sales teams and end users in mind. In addition, the small but vital features like Export-to-Excel and Custom-Record-Additions help make the app a complete package for one and all.

The app is actively worked upon and addition of new features is also under process. If you are facing any difficulty in any feature of the app or experiencing any issues on our Appexchange page related to installation or use of the app feel free to contact our AWOM dedicated Algoworks team anytime. Also if you need to customize the app further for your organization, you can contact us for a free quote.

For more details regarding installation steps or a detailed insight into the features of the app, check out our installation guide and user guide.

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