A Complete Guide to Offline App Promotion

A Complete Guide to Offline App Promotion

Promoting a app is a multifaceted task. In this information age most app entrepreneurs, especially most of the tech savvy developers, focus mainly on the online app promotions, like social media, Youtube, blogs, website, the complete plethora. The reason is simple, online promotion has a very large reach, anyone can do it, and most importantly its dirt cheap. However conversion rates are very low and it takes a lot of time and consistent effort to produce results.

What the current generation is forgetting is the good old offline promotion techniques. Methods that have been selling things since time immemorial and if properly channeled, can still produce results in the present tech age. Agreed they are a little expensive to pull-off but they give hard results and provide bases on which you can build your app communities. These techniques are especially useful for those apps who are targeting a specific areas or niches.

So continuing our series on Mobile App promotion, in this post we will talk about tried and tested promotion techniques, who should use them, what their effect would be and how much can they cost you.

So here are some offline promotion tricks, ranging from both low cost tricks to million dollar enterprise tricks, that most app developers and marketers use

Asking for written testimonials

The first step is to ask your current users and clients for written feedbacks. This will not only give material to post on your website and use in our subsequent bags of tricks, but also give you actual feedback using which you can improve your app. You can proceed by e-mailing your registered users for feedback, or even call your clients for one. This may seem like an online marketing point but its important enough that it requires an honorary mention here.

Who’s this for: Everyone
How much would it cost: Nil , (except calling charges or bulk email service charges)

Street Marketing

Distribute informative pamphlets at strategic locations

Spend some time and money into a good quality promotional pamphlet. This is especially useful for those apps that targeting audience by location or specific business. For example for an app targeting restaurant going population of a specific area, distributing informative pamphlets around the place may get you good number of downloads. They are also useful to promote your app especially if you target areas like shopping complexes, office complexes, niche shops, tech conferences, and other promotional events that you may attend.

Who’s this for: Business apps targeting local audience, Niche apps, Shopping apps
What would it cost: $300-$1000

Print out flyers

Just like pamphlets, one page flyers can get you lots of downloads especially if you are targeting local businesses or a specific niche audience. They are easy to print and cheap. Though in recent days they are losing their charm, they are still a low cost way to start promoting your brand.

Who’s this for: Consumer apps, apps promoting, niche audience, Local business apps
How much would it cost: $500-$1000 depending upon your budget

Turn your car into a mobile billboard

Offline Promotion Tips
This is one of the latest innovation. It was used earlier by taxi companies and large scale corporations, but only recently started out with small scale entrepreneurs. The concept is to turn your car into a walking advertisement billboard, well a driving billboard. If you are employing cab or bus services for your employees, then you can convert them into mobile billboards. A very good idea to show off your brand.

Who’s this for: Everyone, especially those working to build a brand
How much would it cost: $100-$250 per vehicle

Local Community exposure

Providing sponsorship for a local sports team

Sports are a good way to promote your brand. Nike does it, so does Coca-Cola, so does every big multi billion brand, so can you. You can start by promoting your local sports team. It is not all that expensive as sponsoring Real Madrid, believe us, and it’s a very good way to create a local brand loyalty.

Who’s this for: Everyone, especially those working to build a brand
How much would it cost: Depends entirely on your budget and the team you are targeting.

Offer your product as the prize for a local contest

Sponsor a local contest, in a fair, or local festival event, or create your event and start the contest. Offer your app for free as prizes or offer special features unlocks or discounts as prizes. It wont cost you much either.

Who’s this for: Everyone, especially those working to build a brand
How much would it cost: Depends on your budget.

Create a press release for local papers and magazines

Print media has always been a great way to promote brands. You can target local newspapers and magazines, and spread word around regarding any event you are organizing related to your app or directly promote your app through advertisement.

Who’s this for: Consumer apps, apps promoting, niche audience, Local business apps
How much would it cost: Anywhere between $100- $10,000. Depends on your budget and your target newspaper

Everything is connected

Now offline app promotion is good thing, but you can boost your offline efforts with online ones. Promote your events on social media. Post banners on your own website and write detailed event articles on your website blog. Advertise your event in your PPC and banner campaigns. Always remember that in this mobile tech world every thing is connected to everyone. A combined offline and online effort can reap more downloads for you than either of them alone.

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