Amazon AWS in the Coming Years

Amazon AWS in the Coming Years

Most people still think of Amazon as an e-commerce website. But the truth is it is much more than that. Since the introduction of amazon web services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most popular cloud computing platform, which is a comprehensively adopted platform by the world. The IT world has been revolutionized by the introduction of cloud computing and AWS is only getting started. Providing 165+ featured services from data centers. AWS is being used by almost everyone from big companies to growing startups, to reduce their costs, be faster and more agile. The world is moving towards global virtualization. No other cloud service provider does provide as many services as AWS.In the coming years, AWS would leave behind Amazon’s retail and e-commerce services.

AWS and The Future Plan

IN 2020, AWS generated revenue went up by 33% compared to its 2019 revenue generation. Now the AWS has a market share of around 69% with the competitors holding just 31% of the market, which is 6 times the serving capacity of its competitor’s serving capacity combined. With the pandemic hitting the world the need for the cloud has increased and the spendings on this have also increased by a huge percentage.

In recent years AWS was able to set up many partnerships with different and vital players in the market to make AWS the most valuable among its users. AWS is trying to open up to many different domains to create a partnering network which could be the first of many steps to building the future of AWS. Some of the very vital partnerships that would be a key in the future include-

AWS Partnership with Nokia

This year Nokia partnered with AWS to advance the adaptation of 5G digital services, radio access network (RAN). AWS supports the Nokia’s Common Software Foundation(CSF) platform, which will help to boost up the 5G digital services. This collaboration aims at developing cloud RAN and Open RAN technologies enabling new 5G digital services to be more customer-focused. The focus is on extending the cloud RAN technology further and driving 5G deployments together. Nokia is one of the leading players in rolling out the 5G network, setting Nokia and AWS together would enable the network service providers to simplify the virtualization of the network. With this partnership, AWS is ready to rule the world as the world is fastly moving towards 5G.

The AWS partnership with Nokia would help in achieving the following objectives:

  • Developing customer-focused 5g digital services through Open RAN and Cloud RAN technology
  • Accelerating 5G deployments

AWS Partnership with Veritas

Veritas is an advanced technology helping organizations manage data on AWS. No other technology helps in storage competency as efficiently as veritas. Through the integrations of AWS, veritas offers control over the company’s data. From backing up the Simple Storage Service S3 to archiving the S3 Glacier. This puts organizations in full control of their data management. The world moving towards the cloud with not making any compromises in security makes it the perfect deal for both the partners and for the world as well.

The AWS partnership with Veritas would help in achieving the following objectives:

  • Moving towards the cloud computing technology
  • Unifying Data Protection
  • Enable performance prediction.

AWS Partnership with OpenText

In the year 2020 AWS announced its partnership with open OpenText to optimize and fast-track the transition of customer workloads facilitating the customer choice in the cloud. The partnership between OpenText cloud-native AWS would offer the customers reliability, security, and compliant solutions. CatalystSecure,
Hightail, Covisint, etc are some of the cloud-native applications that are already available on AWS. OpenText cloud-native applications when combined together with the performance and scalability of AWS could do wonders in the cloud market gaining the trust of the customers completely. This partnership between the two would increase the performance, security, scalability and would reduce the costs to consume industry-leading Information Management solutions.

The AWS partnership with OpenText would help in achieving the following objectives:

  • Innovate and reduction in costs
  • Relying on the proven operational expertise
  • Accelerating the migration of OpenText

AWS Partnership with Unisys

Unisys and AWS together would help the organizations to quickly respond to constituents while creating predictable revenue streams. The partnership is working towards protecting the network connections to AWS cloud so that their clients can adopt cloud computing securely. Unisys brings on CSIC and NSA-certified solutions for secured client networks. With the introduction of this partnering network organizations would see improved accounting practices, improved productivity, enhancement of responsiveness with modern applications.

The AWS partnership with Unisys would help in achieving the following objectives:

  • Modernized and consolidated solutions to grow revenue for permitting and licensing more quickly.
  • Increased productivity
  • Fast-tracking accounting practices and fees collections
  • Enhancement of responsiveness with modern applications

The way forward

AWS is just getting started with the future. These partnerships would help AWS to get further ahead in the future. AWS is focusing on a customer-centric approach. The future with AWS is inevitably bright and the future of cloud computing professionals would be very promising, especially cloud professionals who are AWS certified.
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