JavaScript or Python, Which one will help you, develop your goals for 2022

JavaScript or Python, Which one will help you, develop your goals for 2022

Opportunities that 2022 Behold

While taking a sneak peek into the year 2022, a world of opportunities is tied loose for professionals foraying into the domain of technology and infrastructure. To name a few, the sheen over the profession of data science will continue to dominate the contemporary IT market in the following year as well, with demand for data scientists sky-rocketing to an all-time high of 44% according to an article by India Today.
Given the abundance of data amassing from user experiences, companies will be on the hunt for data scientists who could crunch mammoth data to unearth useful insights and business trends. In the same light, full-stack development as well as back-end development, are two other promising work avenues that will continue to retain their respective spots in the year ahead as well given their acute importance in the development and maintainability of software products.
Lastly, cyber security remains one of the most important pillars of today’s IT infrastructure, and taking a leap into the future would require robust scrutiny of the security lapses that are abundant in the present system. This blog aims at excavating some insights about the two technologies namely JavaScript and python, in order to speculate their future orientedness with respect to the professional goals of technology enthusiasts.

A. JavaScript & its Salience

JavaScript has emerged as one of the most popular scripting languages, in other words, a language intended for the purpose of performing server-side manipulations by eliminating the role of a compiler from the picture. Initially envisioned for the sole purpose of front-end web development, the language became more tenable post the launch of NodeJS, which served as the back-end development framework of the language. Besides embedding responsive behaviors to the web pages, one such factor that adds to its salience is its ability to facilitate server-side and client-side validation simultaneously, thus preventing data insufficiency at both the server and client ends.
Since the language itself hoards a considerable market share of 67.6% as per the data released by Statista, therefore in order to carve out a professional stint one must acquaint oneself with the basics of core java. In addition to this, working in a unit testing environment is another key prerequisite that would facilitate the course of professional goal setting for an individual. In addition to web development, some of the other avenues where the prominence of JavaScript is expanding manifold include serverless computing, game development, mobile app development as well as full-stack development.
To put the aforementioned trend into perspective, the opportunities associated with JavaScript-enabled development are huge, given the present market dynamics and the above-discussed areas of interest a technology enthusiast is pursuing.

B. Python & its Salience

The entire premise for conceiving a language like Python was primarily aimed at offering opposition to Java, which in the process landed the former at the second spot in the list of most promising languages with a market share of 44.1%. The core reason behind such a startling growth of Python in such a short span of time could be owed to its omnipresence across the entire IT spectrum.
In other words, being a high-level programming language not only can be used for the purposes of web development, mobile app development, and game development but also offers disruptive innovation in the domain of machine learning. As a consequence of its aforementioned attribute, the language could be referred to as the most sought after by bothering the researcher as well as the developer community. Unlike its competitor JavaScript, Python is abundant with scientific frameworks such as Django and Flask, which subsequently facilitate the budding market of data science.
Moreover, Python also serves as a modeling tool for the development of machine learning-enabled algorithms, which could be ultimately used for deriving analytics from large volumes of data. In contrast to technology enthusiasts pursuing JavaScript, those underpinning their professional journey through Python would more likely show greater propensity towards the discipline of machine learning, acting as a future-oriented technology, while striking a balance between web development and data science simultaneously.

Summing up

On the basis of the aforementioned comparison between the two technologies, several findings could be drawn.

  • While taking into consideration the future orientedness of the above languages, it could be observed that since handling the data offers immense insights from the business point of view and given the contemporary market trajectory, it will not be incorrect to portray Python as a future centric technology owing to many factors
  • Moreover, apart from being well equipped with development tools, Python is also capable of rendering AI-powered models that aid in carrying out predictive analytics and other data-driven operations.

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