Why Should You Not Skip Bootstrap Framework in 2021

Why Should You Not Skip Bootstrap Framework in 2021


The term “bootstrapping” has wider connotations than what is usually perceived in the contemporary era of bustling technologies. In a more generic sense, the term refers to the concept of availing existing resources that one has, in order to leverage one’s current position. Moreover, in alignment with the aforementioned sense, nomenclature for the above term is also shared by another fascinating concept namely, Bootstrap Framework. This framework has pioneered in the discipline of front-end development technologies, wherein the front-end refers to the technologies or languages facilitating the interaction between user ends of a website to its counterpart server side. Likewise, the framework is an open-source repository of templates for various frontend features like buttons, menu bars, which are built upon CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that offers an aesthetic feature to a webpage written in markup languages such as HTML. This piece of the blog will help in attaining a better understanding of what makes the bootstrap framework so tenable and irreplaceable even in the year 2021.

A – Attributes of Bootstrap Framework

  • Grid-Based layouts

Before jumping into answering the above question, we must need to get a hang of what really constitutes up the bootstrap framework. One such attribute of bootstrap that contributes to its pervasiveness is better known as the grid system. These grid systems can be considered as the skeleton, composed of rows and columns, which are embedded with content. It might really amaze you that it is because of the attribute of fluid grid-system the page layout could automatically scale up to match up with the size of the device.

  • v JavaScript Plugin

Another salient feature that must be reckoned with while discussing the bootstrap framework turns up to be a JavaScript-enabled plugin. To simply put, a plugin can be described as an additional software component that acts as a patch to an existing program, and when enabled scales up the intrinsic functionality of that piece of the program. In totality, there are over a dozen such plugins that induce greater utility to the applications built using bootstrap technology.

  • Breadcrumb Component

Another key component of the bootstrap framework that renders its usefulness to the navigational aspect of any mobile application corresponds to Breadcrumbs. These components are highly essential in navigating the current page’s location within the navigational hierarchy and by doing so a separator is added that simplifies the task of toggling over multiple pages.

B – Relevance of Bootstrap Framework in a Timeline marked by 2021

Now harking back to the same question where we started off, what makes the bootstrap framework such an indispensable technological boon even in the year 2021. As per a recent report published by Google Trends, the present-day mobile app development market is inundated with several front-end frameworks such as Twitter bootstrap, foundation, ASP.NET, and skeleton framework. Despite the revelation made through the above trend, the bootstrap framework still amasses a whooping stake of over 27% in market share. There are several testimonies to bear evidence of the fact that why bootstrap framework should not be skipped even in contemporary times-:

  • Mobile-Centric Approach

As the name itself suggests, the bootstrap framework renders ease of access in the development of highly responsive mobile applications through a design approach known as progressive enhancement. It further aids in the process of reverse-engineering the entire process of gathering users’ requirements on the most granular level. Moreover, websites or applications that are built using progressive enhancement can readily synchronize with their corresponding mobile version.

  • Endless Loop of Integration

Bootstrap is bestowed with this quirky feature of self-integration wherein, a customized bootstrap code could be easily appended with an existing tag or markup already available in the framework. Besides this, unlike other front-end development frameworks, the bootstrap framework could also be roped in for performing cross-platform integration with other frameworks such as WordPress that further enhances the omnipresence of the framework across multiple platforms.

About Algoworks

Here at Algoworks, our team of dynamic developers help you with our bootstrap services built using HTML, Drupal & Joomla. Besides rendering the existing bootstrap templates into a more responsive alternative, we also lend our expertise through migration services that helps the in the integration of multiple pre-built templates.


Advantage 1: The primary objective of any framework serves in the capacity of reducing redundancy while performing similar tasks each time and optimizing the development time that ensues in the process.

Advantage 2: Moreover, apart from scrapping off the need to start from scratch, the bootstrap framework acts as the only open-source front-end technology that serves as the most advantageous aspect not supported by other front-end frameworks.
Advantage 3: Upon integrating the above facts, it could be stated that overlooking the mettle of bootstrap framework in the most recent times would hinder mobile applications from achieving an extremely powerful grid system, as well as the progressive enhancement approach.

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