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About Salesforce Development

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Wave Analytics, Pardot, Chatter, Communities, Salesforce1 based mobile application, or Salesforce AppExchange Apps, we are experts in everything ‘Salesforce’.

We help organizations in planning, designing, and implementing complete Salesforce based business solutions. We transform the way businesses interact and manage their customers, products, partners, and even employees. We are here to unleash the full potential for you.

Salesforce Development

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Salesforce Implement Strategy

We help organizations plan and strategize the most efficient way to implement products for their business processes. We employ our decade long experience for you in finding the right product, the right feature set, and the right customizations.

Salesforce Consultancy

We analyze your business needs and suggest the best Salesforce products. We will also find out for you the best process workflows to use these product most efficiently

Salesforce Development Strategy

We help organizations solve their business problems through Salesforce. We guide them in choosing the right customizations and in efficiently utilizing different Salesforce databases.



A part of Salesforce App Cloud, Salesforce is a robust cloud computing platform focused on automating business workflows. We here at Algoworks help organizations develop and implement powerful based business solutions. Development

We automate business processes through custom based mobile and web applications. Integration

We develop custom integration solutions to connect in real-time multiple data sources and services with apps.

Migration to

We help organizations migrate their legacy business solutions and databases to based automation solutions

Lightning Components

We are experts in creating user friendly app front-end using Lightning Components and Javascript Frameworks

Force Dot Com Development

Integration with Third-party Solutions

Salesforce alone is not suitable to solve all business challenges. Therefore organizations use multiple softwares to solve their problems. We help these organizations connect these third-party softwares with their Salesforce Solution so that they can work more efficiently and smartly.

Integration Using Tools

We integrate multiple solutions with Salesforce using pre-built integration tools like Jitterbit and Informatica Cloud

Custom Integration

We are experts in creating custom Java, .Net, and JS based integration solutions for integrating with Salesforce

API development

We help organizations build custom APIs in their present solutions to allow easy direct API integration with Salesforce

Integration App Development

For software vendors, we develop AppExchange Apps for easy integration of their solution with Salesforce

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AppExchange App Development

AppExchange Salesforce Application Development

For ISV’s AppExchange app is an easy way to tap into Salesforce using customer base and provide a way to integrate your solution with Salesforce. For businesses, AppExchange app can allow them to add complex features in all their Salesforce instances, via a simple click and install.

App Consultancy

Using our notable experience on AppExchange we advise companies on how they can make the best out of AppExchange.

AppExchange Compliance

Having trouble getting your app published on Salesforce AppExchange? Consult the experts, we can help.

App Development

We provide complete Salesforce AppExchange Development services

Lightning and Salesforce1

We are experts in making AppExchange apps that are Lightning ready and Salesforce1 compatible.


Salesforce1 Development

Salesforce1 is an innovative mobile platform that extends Salesforce functionalities to mobile devices. We help companies fully utilize this platform and extend their Salesforce based custom features and business process to mobile.

Salesforce1 Consultancy

We help organizations plan and strategize on how best they can utilize Salesforce1 Mobile Platform.

Salesforce1 Development

We customize Salesforce instances and implement business process workflows that use Salesforce1 App as base.

Custom UI/UX Designing

We customize the look and feel of Salesforce1 instance to match the overall branding of the organization.

Salesforce1 Compatible Apps

We are experts in creating Salesforce1 compatible custom AppExchange Apps.

Salesforce Lightning App Services

Salesforce Lightning Application

The latest update in Salesforce user interface, the Lightning Experience, has once again changed the way businesses use Salesforce. Even though this opened up new opportunities and way to use Salesforce, organizations still have to rebuild their customizations to match the new user experience. Luckily for you, we have mastered the lightning and we can help you in every step of the transition.

Lightning Experience Consultancy

We help organizations in strategizing the best roadmap to implement and transition to Lightning Experience

Lightning Component Experts

We have fully mastered Lightning components and their use for creating Lightning compatible Visualforce and apps.

App Development

We develop Lightning ready Salesforce AppExchange Apps thereby fully harnessing the power of Lightning.

Lightning Component Development

Standard Lightning components not fit enough for your job? Want to tap the growing component market? You knocked on the right door.

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