Why You Need Salesforce Services for Your Business?

Why You Need Salesforce Services for Your Business?

With the success of Cloud Computing and corporates/end-users moving to cloud solutions, companies and brands are now exploring the endless possibilities of marketing their products/services on the cloud.

Customers/Clients now use the social media to know more about your products by searching them on Google or Twitter and then contact your call center if they need more information. With more and more transactions carried out online, companies now need to run their business the e-way and are now integrating their business with Salesforce.

Let’s look at why you need Salesforce solutions to expand your business.

Manage your customers with CRM

For sales and marketing teams, nothing is more important than Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

With CRM, salesforce teams can track leads generated and sales generated from marketing campaigns on the Internet either using e-mails or digital marketing tools like Google AdWords.

It also provides analytics to understand results from the marketing strategies and what can be improved. It generates real-time custom reports.

With all this information available on the cloud, you can spend more time with your customers and less time in handling data. Real time data access on the cloud allows you to forecast sales with confidence.

With social media insights, you can provide your sales/marketing team with key information to boost productivity. You can get all details regarding your team’s performance, quotes and more.

Improve Customer Service

Customers use the social media to get answers about your product or service. By connecting all the conversations on the social media and supplying this knowledge to your agents you can provide quick answers to your customers and keep them happy. This also reduces costs.

You can have a knowledge base for a quick search and get relevant answers. This knowledge base is also open to customers for self-troubleshooting.

Based on the Service cloud, it allows you to service customers on the go. It also allows customers to help themselves and each other on the Service cloud communities.

With chatter, agents can escalate calls to experts and close cases faster.

Other Advantages

  • Online Marketing – All your marketing assets can be made online and operated from there. You can have a cloud-training site to train your marketing partners about your product or services. Since cloud based marketing is using the power of the internet, it has a greater reach and can generate a customer base across the globe.
  • Ease of Use – It offers a very simple, intuitive user interface that is easily understood by all users. You can setup the system with everything served up in a read-to-use easy format.
  • Customization – Since Salesforce was built to support various types of organizations, it is built to support customization based on an organization’s business model. You can always customize or upgrade your model with minimal costs unlike the traditional way which would involve changes in the entire business pipeline.
  • Mobile Enterprise Apps – There are several mobile enterprise apps built on the Force.com platform that helps you run business on you smartphone. Salesforce AppExchange is the app store where you can get apps relevant to our business needs.

With so many advantages, Salesforce can be a very powerful tool to expand your business while maintaining a good relationship with your expanding customer base.

If you are looking for Salesforce Solutions for your business, Contact our certified Salesforce consultant at +1-877-284-1028(Toll Free).

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Pratyush Kumar

Pratyush Kumar

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Pratyush is Co-Founder and President at Algoworks. He is responsible for managing, growing open source technologies team and has spearheaded more than 200 projects in Salesforce CRM alone. He provides consulting and advisory to clients looking for services relating to CRM(Customer Relationship Management) and ECM(Enterprise Content Management). In the past, Pratyush has held consulting roles with various global technology leaders, such as Globallogic & HCL in India. He holds an Engineering graduate degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.
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Pratyush KumarWhy You Need Salesforce Services for Your Business?