Why ISVs Must Strive Harder To Be On AppExchange?

Why ISVs Must Strive Harder To Be On AppExchange?

Are you on Salesforce AppExchange?

How many apps do you have on Salesforce AppExchange?

If you are an ISV then you must be pretty aware of the importance of Salesforce and AppExchange for you. If not then let’s pitch you these questions: If the software you develop is all about solving and simplifying the business problem then why not develop a solution?

…with a matured framework?

…and exquisite delivery platform?

…where all the issues that arise during development and delivery are already resolved?

The point being ISVs should now genuinely consider Salesforce as it is a huge suite of tools and with a tremendous marketing potential. Simultaneously Salesforce AppExchange has now acquired the position of being referred to as the proven ecosystem of apps that have been installed and tried with millions of reviews to aid you to find the best match. It is the obvious magnet for the world of Salesforce.

To sustain and make through the cut-throat competition the independent software vendors or ISVs must be up and running to get their products respond to the cutting edge technologies in the fastest possible pace. The independent software vendors are turning their heads towards Cloud Computing model and Forcedotcom to develop and distribute their applications as services.

So prior to jumping onto AppExchange and its benefits it is extremely imperative for you as an ISV to know why would you at all consider Salesforce as an option?

To answer this vital question a few mentions are as below:

  • An entirely managed platform with extreme scalability, superb reliability, and magnificent resilience.
  • Extremely well managed and tough security and privacy.
  • Rapid application development facilities.
  • Lucid application deployment.
  • Rich and mature development toolkit for almost every major technologies available.
  • Additional comfort knowing that you will be collaborating with a renowned global company with a unique marketing force.

Now that you are well versed with the advantages of Salesforce we gradually shift to the next phase of the app development which is the post app development. Salesforce AppExchange has shown huge success with hit ratio in millions and this huge number itself demonstrates Salesforce is an appropriate cloud platform to create and grow exponentially in business. ISVs usually face a hard time after development to monetize their apps and reach out to the genuine and target customers but AppExchange turns out to be the Dreamplace of such dilemma stricken ISVs. They offer a proper ecosystem to the ISVs as well as the developers to reach out to their target audiences and appropriately catering services to the exact demand of the enterprises.

So as an ISV no matter whether you are looking for apps to enhance internal implementations or looking forward to growing your business by selling your apps AppExchange will always help you accelerate your pace. It proves itself as the ideal best friend for the ISVs in myriad fashion.

  • Customizing and building super fast with free apps i.e the AppExchange includes hundreds of free apps that are globally distributed as unmanaged packages. It gives full access to the source codes which can act as the starting point and allow you to modify or extend them as per your requirements.
  • Secondly it helps in monetizing your idea. If you have a great app idea benefitting Salespeople, admins, marketers, business analysts then aim to be listed on AppExchange. Because the stats show 75% of Salesforce customers use the apps from AppExchange and a hauling 85% of the Fortune 100 does so as well. Hence this kind of reach uplifts your business and marketing immediately on a global level.

The Salesforce apps hold a pretty compelling message for the various ISVs providing solutions to the complex business problems. Salesforce AppExchange gives the assurance around the three corners i.e right marketplace, appropriate technology platform, and suitable partner program. It not only deals with the aspect of putting up the apps developed for target people to install on their systems and use them but it is a lot more about digging out the correct technology partner based on myriad aspects like customer reviews, number of projects undertaken, cumulative experience and a lot more which are strictly reviewed and taken care by AppExchange itself.

Salesforce AppExchange renders a great platform for the ISVs as it aids the independent software vendors in the following possible manners…

  • It embodies absolute transparency allowing access to thousands of user reviews.
  • It is an immense treasure trove of functionality. Apps listed on the AppExchange range from point solutions to full-blown professional services automation apps.
  • It helps in faster product releases catering to the aspect of rapid application development and instant powerful deployment.
  • It ensures customer credibility. It improves the visibility of the product supported by hundreds of reviews which increase the authenticity and credibility of the products.
  • Each and every app goes through a very tight security review: Being partners with AppExchange, the developers leverage salesforce’s investment in security and certifications. But to get listed as an app in AppExchange, the app has to endure a security review. This undoubtedly creates a high level of confidence about any app you install into your enterprise.
  • It upholds the banner of global distribution platform and it has a huge marketing force including joint selling programs and events and a lot more.

So in one sentence, Salesforce AppExchange is like an ISVs fancy land aka one-stop-shop. If your audience is in the world where you put up your show there is no doubt that you as an ISV will benefit from this window to the enterprise immensely!!!

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