Maximize Your Customer Service Efficiency with Sendbird’s Salesforce Integration

Maximize Your Customer Service Efficiency with Sendbird’s Salesforce Integration

Are you seeking to elevate your customer service experience and create meaningful connections with your clients? What if we told you there’s a powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, enabling you to deliver exceptional support while streamlining your team’s workflow?

Introducing Sendbird’s data connector for Salesforce, a game-changer that bridges the gap between customer communication and your CRM. Get ready to revolutionize your support strategy, enhance team productivity, and delight your customers with unparalleled service. Curious to learn how Sendbird can transform your customer service experience? Let’s dive in!

Ready To Revolutionize your customer service game with Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector?

The Importance of Customer Service

In the fiercely competitive modern world, exceptional customer service must be emphasized. Gone are the days when merely offering a superior product or service would suffice to entice and retain customers.

In today’s digital age, customers have the power to voice their opinions and disseminate their experiences to a vast and diverse audience. It highlights the importance of delivering enhanced customer service. They can leverage tools like salesforce connector excels in this process.

What is Sendbird’s New Salesforce Connector

Sendbird – A New Salesforce Connector is a revolutionary tool that allows businesses to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty using its sophisticated chat features, which provide real-time and individualized help directly within their mobile app. This Salesforce Connector enables companies to provide personalized support with a unique live chat support experience. The best part is that you only need a few minutes to integrate this connector with your Salesforce Service Cloud.

Using this platform, your team can use enhanced chat features to send rich media attachments, picture moderation, and webhook, further enhancing the end-user experience. To improve the efficiency of live chat, Sendbird also leverages artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT (future of human interaction), which give this tool a cutting edge over all the available tools in the market.

All these enhanced features enable employees to communicate with customers more effectively, meaningfully, and responsively, eventually increasing customer happiness and retention.

Key Features of Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector

Organizations can build a fully customized customer experience using Sendbird’s software development kits (SDKs), which will distinguish their brand from others. Several new features were brought in by the integration, including:

Integration of Einstein bot

Organizations can combine Salesforce Einstein and automate the customer support process using the Sendbird connector.

Alert for a new message with notification sounds

Agents can reply fast by enabling notification sounds for incoming messages. This way, they will ensure they get all the necessary conversations.

Widget for Sendbird chat in the utility bar

In a customer service context, the anticipation of connecting with a customer representative can be frustrating. This functionality empowers representatives to modulate their availability status, allowing customers to know when the representative is available for interaction. Furthermore, the case list feature endows representatives with facile access to a comprehensive register of cases or tickets assigned to them, streamlining their workflow and ensuring efficient management of customer inquiries, complaints, and issues.


This state-of-the-art feature in salesforce development services harnesses the prowess of the widely used open-source AI ChatGPT technology to furnish succinct summaries of entire conversations. The functionality has the potential to amplify the efficiency and swiftness of your customer service agents while resolving customer issues. With this pioneering addition, your agents will only need to peruse the essence of the conversation, enabling them to expedite results and deliver swift resolutions to your valued customers.


A comprehensive customer and agent dialogue record is produced once the case concludes. It makes it simple to review the contact history in the event of subsequent problems.

Compared to other data connector for Salesforce that can take weeks to establish, the Sendbird Salesforce Connector offers an out-of-the-box solution that can be implemented in just a few hours, giving enterprises a quicker time to value.

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Benefits of Using Sendbird’s Salesforce Connector

Increase customer satisfaction levels

By providing prompt and practical help, you raise customer satisfaction levels. Make sure that real-time talks are seamless and continue even during an interruption.

Maximize live agent performance

By streamlining your support operations, you can increase the output of your live agents. As they can manage many cases simultaneously, boosting their productivity.

Promote quick time-to-value

Using this data connector for Salesforce is simple and easy. The tool has a proven track record and will yield immediate results. Organizations can enhance their customer service across various platforms using this quick support chat.


What is Sendbird used for?

With the help of Sendbird, you can provide effective live or on-demand customer care on a broader scale while managing more tickets. You can use a simple agent interface to manage the queue, route support tickets, analyze customer context, and keep an eye on responses.

What is Sendbird desk?

The Sendbird Chat platform provides live chat help within the app without interfering with the user’s experience. You may optimize your workflows and improve customer engagement using our intuitive ticket routing system and user-friendly dashboard.

What is the character limit for Sendbird?

Sendbird sets a 128-character limit for each communication. Moreover, its Advanced Analytics classifies metrics using custom types, allowing additional data view classification. The system also saves the channel’s specific URL and the message’s sender.

How to use Sendbird API?

To use the Sendbird API, you must use one of the API tokens connected to your Sendbird application to authenticate your API calls with the Sendbird server. When you create an application, the system automatically generates the master API token, which you can find on your dashboard. It is under Settings > Application > General > API tokens.

Final Thoughts

Real-time chatting has emerged as one of the best tools for enhancing the customer experience. It is a powerful tool that can bring new heights to your business, provided you use it effectively. This tool quickly resolves the customer problem and makes your agents effective by allowing them to tackle multiple customers simultaneously. But as they say, every rose has its thorn, and so does Salesforce. Online chatting on the platform can offer various advantages, but businesses must know the potential challenges. Potentials include technical glitches, connectivity issues, language barriers, and human error.

It is where the Sendbird data connector for Salesforce becomes crucial. Integrating with Salesforce enhances its functionality to offer the best customer service. Elevate your standards with this cutting-edge tool.

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