Salesforce Spring Release17 – The Vital Stuff!

Salesforce Spring Release17 – The Vital Stuff!

Salesforce Spring ‘17 will focus a lot to render to you the most requested and desirable lightning experience usability enhancements to make the users happy which has forever been its priority. Salesforce has introduced Salesforce Einstein and will give you total provision to try it out in the cloud ecosystem. This release has a lot to offer, on one hand where service console and dashboard elements benefit from the Salesforce Lightning Bolt on the other hand community management simplifies and fine tunes your tasks and customizations.

For the sales people, Einstein has given the opportunity to save the time of the sales representative by intelligently guiding the sales and automatically logging myriad events. There are more than 220 fresh Lightning features to speed up the process of sales reps and there is also Quip which is all set to set a new standard of productivity that involves the conversational documents that are available in the Salesforce Lightning platform.

Those who are involved in rendering services Salesforce Spring ‘17 helps those agents to close their deals much faster with the upgraded Lightning console and case management aspects. Agents can deliver more personalized service through messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, or via short message services and with the availability of Field service lightning mobile app it has made it possible for the agents to deliver support irrespective of being online or offline.

Where sales and services are covered it is not possible that it has nothing in store for the marketers. The world’s top data management platform Krux helps in multiplying the power of personalized targeting. And as icing on the cake, this release comes with redesigned and modified Marketing Cloud mobile app with which the marketers can be Lightning fast even when on the go.

So the top picks from this release are as follows:

1. Sales Cloud Einstein

Einstein was one of the major announcement at Dreamforce this year and this smart concept will be consistently upgraded and become stronger. So with Spring 17 release we already get to witness some of the new features of Salesforce Einstein. It is an exquisite fresh direction for Salesforce, you call it as AI like salesforce or machine learning but it will ultimately leverage technological power to access your data, learn automatically and simplify your processes. So you get smarter sales process laid with AI at each step and your sales productivity is supercharged with apt data predictions, intelligent recommendations and automation.

2. Kanban View

This will help in displaying your myriad records visually. You can avail this benefit by switching to the Kanban view on any list. This viewing concept is not restricted to limited objects like knowledge or tasks but you are free to configure the Kanban view on the go and selecting the fields on which to create columns and summaries.

3. Salesforce and Gmail

This release comes with a beta version of Lightning Sync for Google, which implies it’s a high-quality feature with known limitations. It will make you capacitate enough to get your sales reps’ contacts into Gmail with ease. The sales representatives can also see their Google calendar meeting attendees directly from Salesforce. This will be reflected in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

4. Messaging

The surveys held over time revealed that 65% of US online adult use the concept of instant texting. So LiveMessage will gain limelight this time which will allow the service people to get inbound messages from your customers on the landline or the 800 number which the customers use to call. At the same time agents will also have the provision to initiate outbound texts for making proactive communications and meeting the customers just at the moment. Similarly, Direct Messages will play a significant role in the communities which will enable one-to-one communication amongst the community members.

5. Predictive Data

Users can make use of artificial intelligence to score the leads and analyze how well they fit in the organization’s conversion pattern.The sales team can subsequently prioritize the leads accordingly and judge which field influence each lead score most. This feature is again available in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. Einstein users can also connect their email and calendar to Salesforce, hence their emails and events are added to the Salesforce records and then Einstein can be used to successfully derive insights.

6. Metadata relationship fields

The metadata relationship fields that are available for custom metadata types now allows you to look up for field definitions. Earlier you were able to search for entity definitions for the standard and custom Salesforce objects but not a specific field on an object. But no you have the provision that field definitions are supported as a type of metadata relationship field.

So this spring 17 release has something or the other very vital stuff in store for all the domains whether in sales or marketing which will revolutionize your concepts of business. So let’s stick around to witness and discuss the changes as it arrives us!


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Pratyush Kumar

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