Salesforce Integration with RingCentral : A Win for Collaboration and Communication

Salesforce Integration with RingCentral : A Win for Collaboration and Communication

We live in a customer-centric marketing landscape where positive experience across all touchpoints in the customer journey will satisfy and help retain customers. One of the basic needs, to even hope to achieve this effect, is quick and accurate communication. The threat of system siloes and lack of integrated systems, often stand in your way to provide seamless customer experience through voice and video communication.

The success of sales teams often depends on the cornerstone of communication and collaboration using tools that help them to be productive and provide them with valuable insights to close the deal easily. This integration helps the sales team to succeed by providing them with: the ability to quickly contact the inbound leads, the delivery of important insights which could assist in understanding the needs of customers, the flexibility to take official calls anywhere on any device with all details being logged, etc.

RingCentral for Salesforce is an excellent integrated system allowing the users to communicate directly from the Salesforce platform. They can implement functionalities like call disposition, call logs, notes, across the RingCentral Video meetings without having to switch between applications. It comes with a click-to-dial (C2D) functionality which works as lead qualifying workflow since it quickly calls down the potential lead list in the work queue.

While every customer can be assigned a specific sales agent, it may not be feasible for some businesses. The customer would expect, however, that you are familiar with their account history and previous conversation details. In order to ensure success on this front, Ringcentral integration with Salesforce provides a view of previous information logged in the system, and the salesperson is, thus, able to stay aware. These can further be used for reporting and auditing exercises.

Apart from the prime benefits like seamless customer experiences and enhanced sales team efficiency, this robust integration offers increased security by controlling the data exchange, establishment of productive work environment while accessing remotely, reduction in maintenance and operational costs, and easy onboarding of contract workers and new hires.

Steps for seamless RingCentral – Salesforce Integration:

  • Installing and Setting up the Call Center:
    – Install RingCentral for Salesforce from AppExchange
    – Configure the Call Center in the Open CTI Index
    – Add Users to the Call Center
  • Setting up SoftPhone Layouts in Salesforce
  • Enabling RingCentral Video Meetings through Global Action
  • Launch App in Lightning View
  • Setting up Preset Call Dispositions
  • Share Report Folder with Users
  • Configure the Admin UI and create a User hierarchy to access various Reports
  • Add RingCentral Call and SMS Options to Salesforce Mobile App

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Pratyush KumarSalesforce Integration with RingCentral : A Win for Collaboration and Communication