Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Helping Marketers Solve Challenges

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Helping Marketers Solve Challenges

Is it easy to maintain product and brand awareness in this age of ever-increasing customer demands? No.
It is even more challenging for small-scale businesses as they don’t have many resources to invest, which means they have to compromise after reaching a certain level.
We are living in a highly competitive digital era where marketers compete every day to ensure a superior brand experience. Social media has brought us ever so close to the customers and reduced the traditional methods of creating brand awareness. This brings us to the question: “How to market yourself in a way that is different enough to win over your competitors?

We shall address how to resolve some marketing challenges by leveraging the Marketing Cloud:

Challenge 1: How to Generate Customer Awareness?

In the digital omnipresence of marketing, you can’t blindly create email campaigns, that is to say, without generating any customer insights. A great marketing campaign is founded upon knowing your audience, understanding their behavior, and then, rolling out customized responses to those specific cues.
For instance, consider an e-commerce sales funnel. The customer engagement strategy or a remarketing list for reaching out to a customer who did not check-out the items in the cart needs to be different from the one where you try to attract a new customer to buy a specific product.
Customer insights allow marketers to formulate a brand growth and awareness strategy, which ultimately improves the conversion rate and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides you with tools and resources to engage with customers at each touch-point along the journey and to give a deeper insight into your target audiences’ past and future buying behaviors. Using the Marketing Cloud, you can use these benefits to create and deliver more personalized customer interactions.
For instance, the Audience Builder helps you segment your mailing list and target your customers using data from various Cloud platforms like Sales and Service Cloud. Social Studio enables social listening and helps you monitor your social channels and participate in conversations at scale. Journey Builder builds automated customer journeys to enable optimum interaction when the prospects access your brand.
Today, marketers don’t just send out random generalized emails. They try to listen and understand certain customer behaviors that call for specific responses. For instance, if someone leaves the cart at checkout or opens a promotional email, the marketing team can follow-up with appropriate content for the specific buyer.

Challenge 2: How to Ensure Better Customer Experience?

Today, marketers need to be highly proactive, smart, and strategic to drive superior customer experience. Predictive personalization is soon becoming a norm across various channels of marketing, hence, we need a powerful tool to ensure a higher net promoter score (NPS).

Marketing Cloud can be leveraged here to assess a customer’s behavioral history or past actions (such as unsubscribing from the mailing list, referring the products to a friend, etc.) and predict a future course of action to deliver a customized customer journey. If one can create new strategies based on these real customer preferences, they might beget a higher response rate.

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Challenge 3: How to Manage an Effective Communication with Customers?

The customers have become very smart in today’s digital age. One can see promotional emails coming from a mile away and quickly unsubscribe themselves from the mailing list to avoid spending time deleting those unopened marketing messages, even though they might be of some value and contain curated content for the customer. Therefore, it is a huge task to deliver the desired, personalized content in a manner that catches their attention as well as admiration.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a drag-and-drop content feature that provides marketers with a unique way to build engaging emails based on specific customer satisfaction levels. It focuses on personalized customer journeys across all connected devices and channels to ensure interaction and engagement with customers from any place through relevant and effective real-time communication.
For instance, if there’s an unresolved customer issue, the marketing activities to that specific customer can be paused. Such are the benefits that marketing activities can be adapted on the basis of signals received. Now, when the issue gets sorted, you may follow-up with the customer and ascertain their satisfaction levels. Based on that insight, you may choose to design that specific customer’s journey differently. Hence, it can be very precise and evaluate the effectiveness of every interaction to determine the strengths and flaws in the process. Considering these strategies in real-time, it can be highly beneficial to any marketer.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you take on any challenge to ensure the delivery of relevant, personalized customer journeys across various marketing channels to send the right message to the right people at the right time.

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