Salesforce Lightning Object Creator & Lightning Flow Builder: 2 New Tools To Play With!

Salesforce Lightning Object Creator & Lightning Flow Builder: 2 New Tools To Play With!

By making use of the brand new introduction of the low code tools, Salesforce is encouraging businesses to modernize their applications with simplicity. Salesforce has introduced the new low-code Lightning Object Builder and the Lightning Flow Builder. While Lightning Object creator is a fresh platform service that helps anyone convert their spreadsheets into modern applications via clicks and one does not have to go digging deep into coding. On the other hand, Lightning Flow Builder is a low-code based tool that allows the business users to completely automate the process for customers.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the former i.e. Lightning Object Creator. It is basically a platform service which helps in boosting the growth and productivity of any organization by simply aiding the employee to convert spreadsheets like MS Excel, Quip Spreadsheets, Google sheets or .csv files into the cloud-based application by a few clicks. However, this great feature is now in the pilot and will make an entry in the earlier part of the upcoming year.

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A few examples where the Lightning Object Creator can prove to be very effective are like a marketing team usually deals with n number of spreadsheets manually tracking the various aspects like format,location, distribution, etc can be easily converted into interactive asset tracker that is completely automated and can be customized thoroughly as well as have the capacity to be driven by insights drawn through dashboards.

All About The Custom Object

Now the basic question arises if Lightning Object Creator revolves entirely around building app then why is it at all coined as the object creator. To understand what role a custom object plays on the Salesforce Lightning Platform let’s consider a Custom Object as a special form of a spreadsheet that provides help to customize the apps that cater to the requirements of the business. It has the records as in rows and the various fields i.e the columns just like a normal spreadsheet but of course, it has much more to it. It is a cloud-hosted app and it implies that Salesforce is going to be the backbone or the skeletal structure underlying it. It, therefore, includes things like customer success, secure multi-tenant infrastructure catering to every customer across the globe.

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Simultaneously The Lightning Platform is a low-code platform enabling anyone to build apps faster than ever before and each object supports the following:

  • An open API which helps in automation and integration.
  • Proper collaboration and with a social feed built into every object.
  • Configurable UI which includes elements like links, buttons, etc which can be easily customized as per business needs.
  • Pre-built dashboards and reports.
  • For automating the business processes there are workflows and triggers.
  • Supports activity tracking and field history for greater insights and control.
  • It also supports Global Search for the ease of end users.
  • It also enables instant mobility with easy deployment across both mobile devices and desktops.

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Coming to Lightning Flow Builder is a low-code tool that enables the employees to automate complex business processes via the usage of drag and drop facilities. It aids the business users of any developer skill level to automate the processes with its simple and easy to use features. It uses pre-built, reusable components called the Flow Actions. The new Flow Action adds powerful new layers to help in the effective automation of the business processes, which also includes the ability to accept credit card payments or even add a video player as per business requirement. Admins also have the scope to leverage the Salesforce’s Einstein Next Best Action which can recommend the flows. It can also leverage the power of rules-based and predictive models to give the sales and marketing agents contextual and intelligent suggestions for customers.

Salesforce’s newest introduction in the Lightning Object Creator and the Lightning Flow Builder strolls down the path to empower people to build apps at a Lightning pace irrespective of the fact that anyone can code or not. Salesforce is making sure to give the scope to anyone to be a part of this app development chase and solve complex business challenges in a jiffy.

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