Partnership of The Year – Salesforce Team Up With Apple!

Partnership of The Year – Salesforce Team Up With Apple!

Salesforce and Apple are two popular tech giants who have simplified technology and contributed big time to the tech world. Salesforce is known as the no.1 CRM in the world, whereas, Apple is known to offer the best products to businesses.

Recently, Salesforce and Apple announced a brand new partnership that will offer users a rich, profuse experience and give an opportunity to create native iOS applications with the help of Trailhead, an online learning platform by Salesforce. This combination of Apple and Salesforce is going to bring up to date services for the users, and create job opportunities for many.

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has established many renowned and prestigious partnerships with technology players such as Accenture, Cisco, IBM, and SAP.

Here’s how the Salesforce and Apple alliance is going to work….

  • Apple is introducing a new Trailhead trail called the Get Started with iOS App Development to aid to developers’ career growth. This Trailhead Trail will teach how to create native iOS applications in Xcode with Swift.
  • A Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS is being launched by Salesforce and Apple along with the optimizations for Swift, Apple’s intuitive programming language. This Salesforce Mobile SDK will be accessible by the end of this year. Not only that, but a Trailhead mobile application will also be seen in action later next year.
  • Salesforce is planning to redesign its mobile application under this partnership in order to run native on iOS and include unique features. This revamped version of the Salesforce mobile app will hit the market in early 2019, offering exclusive Apple features like Face ID, Siri Shortcuts, Business Chat, etc.

A new beginning, as Salesforce calls it, will enable Apple and Salesforce developers to build native iOS applications more easily and efficiently. Both the companies claim that this epic partnership will not only let developers create apps but create careers skills as well.

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