Race to Microsoft CEO Comes to an End : Satya Nadella Wins

Race to Microsoft CEO Comes to an End : Satya Nadella Wins

Finally, Microsoft’s search for new chief executive ended today. World’s fastest-growing and most-profitable software developing firm today announced its Cloud Group’s Executive Vice President, Satya Nadella as the next Chief Executive Officer. Recently introduced Chief Executive Officer Nadella, is company’s third CEO in its nearly four decade long history. He has successfully emerged out as a frontrunner by beating and replacing many speculated CEO candidates including Ford’s Alan Mulally, Microsoft’s own Tony Bates, and Google’s Sundar Pichai.

Microsoft’s latest announcement is not only about its new CEO but it also unveils that company’s co-founder Bill Gates has been moved over as a Technology Advisor. Now, he will step down as chairman of the board and will assume his new role as an advisor, where he will offer his insightful knowledge to the company, focused on technology and products.

Who is Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella (originally known as Satyanarayana Nadella) was born in 1967 at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in India. He has received a Bachelor’s Degree from Mangalore University in Electrical Engineering and Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from University of Wisconsin and University of Chicago. Nadella’s glorious journey highlights his dedication, extensive leadership skills, engineering expertise and years of experience in the field. Nadella is 46 and has been working with the company from last 22 years. Previously, he was working in Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division as an Executive Vice President and was managing company’s computing platforms, cloud services, developer tools and products like Bing, Skype, SkyDrive and Xbox Live.

Photo Of Satya Nadella

Before joining the Microsoft in the year 1992, Nadella was working at Sun Microsystems as the member of the technology staff. He has handled several roles inside the company and has even worked in company’s business division. Since joining the company, he has brought many technical shifts across the company’s vast portfolio of products and services.

A New Face of Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. has handed over this responsibility of chief executive to Satya Nadella after a long period of six months. Reports also reveal that Amazon.com Inc. tried to approach Nadella to recruit him as their CEO at the time when Amazon, world’s largest online retail company started making its cloud products. But this is the story of past, whereas at present he is the person in command at Microsoft Corp.

Nadella compliments company’s core strength completely, which mainly relies on businesses and enterprises purchasing licenses and using software developed by the company. Microsoft believes that their new CEO will definitely fulfill company’s vision for devices and constant mobile push.

When asked about responsibilities of the new chief executive, Microsoft answered that after he will work on new ventures and on business strategies begun by Ballmar last year to boost company’s presence in the marketplace and to compete against its rivals.

However, the biggest challenge that has been posed in front of Satya Nadella after his introduction as next CEO is of taking the Microsoft to the new heights by building its robust reputation in the consumer market. So, now the fate of Microsoft is in his hands and it’s up to him whether to take it to the way of success or to the failure.

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Ambuj TayalRace to Microsoft CEO Comes to an End : Satya Nadella Wins