Is the Metaverse Hype Far-Fetching? Let Us Find Out the Same!

Is the Metaverse Hype Far-Fetching? Let Us Find Out the Same!

Metaverse is the word that has become the biggest hit in the town. We often notice Mark Zuckerberg or Satya Nadella speak high of this term. So is this the future of the internet or a video game? More than 6 months have passed since Facebook’s shift to Metaverse. It’s bringing a complete evolution in the generation of digital association, virtual reality ventures, and e-commerce. The Metaverse hype can be better anticipated by noticing the biggies like Microsoft’s desire to launch in the interactive entertainment space through its acquisition of the game development giant, namely, Activision Blizzard.

The metaverse is here, and it’s not only transforming how we see the world but how we participate in it – from the factory floor to the meeting room. – Satya Nadella

Not only the tech giants, but we also have non-tech biggies like Nike filing off its new trademarks for selling off virtual Air Jordans concerning Metaverse. There is also Walmart gearing up to offer virtual merchandise in its stores by inculcating its cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With all that hype being distributed, let us get going with the basics of Metaverse.

What is the hype about the Metaverse?

To make it very precise, Metaverse space can be explained as a united web of 3D virtual globes. These are the spheres that are functioned through a virtual reality headset. The users tend to steer this virtual reality by indulging their eye actions, feedback regulators, or voice controls. The headset present engages the user by promoting what is anticipated as presence – which is further developed by delivering the bodily feeling of actually being present there.


To understand Metaverse better, we can focus on the noteworthy multiplayer reality games namely Rec Room or Horizon Worlds. Here, the participants can get their avatars to interact with other players and manipulate their surroundings.

No, Metaverse is not only about gaming. It extends well beyond that. Players and certain entertainers are testing this element to a magnificent extent by arranging concerts in the famous metaverse world. The immensely popular Manchester City is developing virtual stadiums for fans to enjoy games, and also maybe purchase virtual merchandise.

Is Metaverse an Heir to the Internet?

Yes, the metaverse is undoubtedly creating havoc hype in today’s time. Most of us people are in a dilemma regarding the internet’s shift to this thing. The top-notch gaming companies, Roblox and Epic Games have launched products manifesting the notion of Metaverse where groups of people invest their time. Another popular name in the world of Metaverse is the Decentraland – a 3D virtual world for dealing with virtual fields of land, estates, and matching digital assets like NFTs – all backed by Ethereum.

Coming to the other side, the big shots like Microsoft, Meta, Google, and Apple are rigorously investing chunks of money and materials to animate this mighty element. Narrowing it down, Metaverse does have the potential to magnify and outweigh physical and digital lives in graphic-enriched and immersive ambiance. An ambiance that enables users to indulge wholly through shopping, working, socializing, and playing.

What All are the Perks of Metaverse?

The transition to Metaverse will gift the world an altogether divergent sphere. Let us check the same:

1. Virtual Offices

The pandemic has already introduced us to the new ‘Work-From-Home’ phenomenon. And, with the advent of the Metaverse, there will be even reduced need for physically presenting oneself in the offices. A radical change will follow in the work front – workflow, commute, relocation, and also human resources.

2. Healthcare

Metaverse thoroughly involves the use of AR, VR, and AI, and implementing the same in the healthcare world will lead to an immersive world. There will be developed outcomes and restrained costs. A few instances of Metaverse healthcare trends are digital twinning, Telepresence, and blockchain. The last one, blockchain can be highly impactful in governing highly sensitive healthcare information.

3. Education

With the introduction of AR and VR into the education industry, it has already been quite engaging. But with Metaverse technology, education will not be limited to language or geographical barriers, and students will be delighted to be a part of realistic content.

4. Real Estate

With Metaverse virtual reality, buying and selling properties can be done virtually through NFTs. Celebrities and top organizations can buy their lands.

Does Metaverse Come with Perils?

Like every unique phenomenon, the mighty Metaverse world has certain perils as well. Let us get going with the same:

  • Rise in data collection by third parties
  • Numerous privacy issues
  • Complicated and complex identity and credentials management
  • High risk of cybersecurity
  • High chances of harassment
  • Reduced productivity

Metaverse is more of a boon than a peril but this requires terrific precision and guidance throughout its growing phase. It lies in the hands of the users to ensure the correct use of the Metaverse avatar, and exploit the element in a positive light.

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