Is Kentico Cloud The Right Option For You?

Is Kentico Cloud The Right Option For You?

A- Inception

Since companies are going through a digital transformation, they need more vigorous tools that could shorten time to market. Kentico’s new offering, Kentico Cloud is built as a cloud-first platform which allows companies to focus on creating a great digital experience for their client. With Kentico Cloud, one has a little less to tackle the technical challenges of running a CMS. Kentico Cloud offers multichannel content management and customer engagement system, everything as cloud service which can easily be integrated with any solution on any platform and on any device.

Here we will be discussing more on Kentico Cloud.

B- All About Kentico Cloud

Kentico Cloud is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) providing a full CMS experience in the cloud. Kentico Cloud can be used as a great staging tool as it solves the business problem of digitizing content. Since Kentico Cloud can be easily accessible from anywhere, therefore, you can employ the powerful and scalable technology in your project. While not all the content collaboration products are equal and they vary from each other, therefore the differences are ought to happen. Some lesser staging tool might restrict the structure of your content tree and content types. Some staging tools might not allow all the users, permissions and workflow functionality that you need.

Well, Kentico Cloud solves all such problems. It helps you in managing content tree and content types, multiple languages, multiple sites, control users, and workflow.

Kentico Cloud helps businesses in becoming more productive by removing the needs for complicated technology and therefore replaces it with the simplified cloud platform. Kentico Cloud saves a lot of time of businesses and also offers them a lot of flexibility. Using traditional CMS, your developers have to rewrite HTML into a format defined by CMS to then appear on websites. With Kentico Cloud, CMS is no longer dictated by the language, so if ever your website needs to switch programming language, your CMS content is all safe and it won’t need to change.

Also, with Kentico Cloud, the content can be consumed by multiple websites or products at one given time. Kentico Draft allows content editors to create content in advance. Even before the site is ready, the editors can create the content and developers can then easily import this content to the web site.

Hence, you can use any programming language, any device and any platform as Kentico has moved beyond its .NET origins and allow developers to work on business’ project. It gives you complete control over your website and this can benefit from 24/7 service as Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure. With speedy Kentico API there is no need for the database server and whenever any new functionality is added to the product it is automatically available to all Cloud customers.

C- Cloud-first CMS and Digital Experience Platform – Key Components

Kentico Cloud offers a comprehensive cloud-first CMS and digital experience platform which comprises of main three services:

  • 1. Kentico Draft: It allows marketers in managing structured content for multi channel delivery at one place in the cloud.
  • 2. Kentico Deliver: It is an API-first CMS which is also known as headless CMS and improves the ability of Kentico Draft to publish the content to any website or device. It also provides dynamic content through extremely fast content delivery network anywhere in the world.
  • 3. Kentico Engage: It gives the ability of personalization of digital experience on any channel. It tracks the customer interactions and uses this information to provide the end user with relevant content.

D- Tangible Business Benefits

Let us have a look what are tangible benefits of Kentico to businesses. Through true cloud platform, digital agencies and their clients can gain a competitive advantage, become agiler and can increase the ROI of their digital initiatives. Let us have a look at the business benefits:

1- More Focus On Business Than On Technology

While you run CMS whether on-premise or on the cloud it, of course, requires a lot of effort as someone needs to take care of security, install the CMS, configure the hosting environment, ensure proper backup and apply the fixes and upgrades. It will be lot time consuming and will eat a lot of client’s budget for the actual project. This time could have been used to deliver higher value and more successful projects.

Advantage: With cloud-first CMS you can focus more on delivering business solutions instead of on CMS projects and therefore businesses can improve the value for their clients.

2- Shortens Time To Market And Increases Agility

Digital transformation has impacted industries in a way that agility is now no longer an advantage but a necessity. Well, businesses today have to be really fast in launching new digital initiatives and test new idea much faster. They look for agencies which are more flexible and can help them in launching in week’s time. With traditional CMSs, you have to take your static HTML prototype and then convert it into template format used by CMS. With headless CMS, you can simply launch the static website and can start making the website dynamically step by step. Also, cloud first CMS approach keeps CMS and custom codes separately. This enables continuous deployment and other agile development techniques which shorten the time of making changes to the website and rolling them back if required.

Advantage: Headless CMS Kentico enables customers do not have to wait to go live. They can go live without waiting for their CMS to be fully implemented.

3- Creativity And Design Innovative Experiences

Cloud-first headless CMS helps you to showcase your creativity and innovative experience, therefore, go easily beyond the website. It opens up all new possibilities like bots, mobile apps, virtual reality, digital assistants, wearables and IoT and much more. It allows easy combining of API with any development technology which includes modern Javascript framework such as AngularJS, EmberJS or ReactJS.

Advantage: Headless CMS offers great opportunities to exhibit innovative digital experiences which help you to stand out of crowd.

4- Increase Your Profits And Productivity

Cloud-first headless CMS helps in increasing your productivity and profits by various ways. Kentico cloud offers shorter implementation and deployment time. Cloud-first headless CMS saves plenty of time on deployment and configuration of CMS as the same is provided on cloud service.

Advantage: Enjoy profitable projects which are less risky.

E- Decision Matters

No matter how many benefits I unfold here for you, still there will be few left for you to explore. There is, of course, a need to understand how cloud-first headless CMS can be helpful for your business. Don’t wait for too long, the cloud-first headless CMS wave is coming and be the first one to jump on it.

Also grab a little more knowledge on Kentico here – “5 Things To Expect From Kentico 10.0 Release

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