Alfresco Digital Business Platform – Breaking The Silos Between BPM and ECM

Alfresco Digital Business Platform – Breaking The Silos Between BPM and ECM

Alfresco Digital Business Platform aims at breaking the silos between BPM and ECM systems and blurring the lines between them. The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is an open and a highly secure platform which brilliantly drives process and content to expedite the flow of business. It arranges for the fastest possible path for the people to grab information, interact with it and allows companies to respond to the ever changing needs of the business world. This open and secure platform aids the IT teams to develop the most enticing and engaging solutions for a steadfast growth of the business. It is quite lucid to build on, integrate as well as extend for exceptional digital transformation.

The features which make it an exceptional platform are as follows:

1. Application Development Framework

The Application Development Framework gives the provision of an extremely fast and unified experience for building business solutions. It makes use of the Alfresco’s highly integrated process, content and governance services. The advanced UI/UX technologies which include pre-built Angular2 components, Google Material Design, etc allows and aids IT to develop applications at a fast pace and iteratively. Hence the users have a uniform and engaging experience across all the mobile devices as well as desktops irrespective of the fact that they are using the Alfresco module or a custom application.

2. Open Extensions And Integrations

It ensures lucid and seamless integration with the leading applications available a few names being Salesforce the top CRM, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, etc. It confirms the availability of the content and makes sure it is accessible within the context of the core business systems and processes. At the same a time a wide range of open REST APIs and extensions gives the flexibility to add on further capabilities that suffice to particular business needs.

3. Process Services

It has managed to blur the lines between being an ECM and BPM. It involves high-performance Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities that aid the organizations to digitize and streamline their entire business process. Decision Tables, visual process design, and process analytics simplifies the process of defining and refining the business processes for the users as the operational needs change.

4. Content Services

The Enterprise Content Management features help the end users to find, view, securely collaborate and share the digital content both within and beyond the enterprise boundaries. All sorts of content starting from business rules to metadata and convey it intelligently to the right person and at the appropriate time.

5. Governance Services

The super rich governance abilities integrate seamlessly into the business workflow. The record management is automatic and the historical processes are auditable thereby it is in absolute compliance and reduces the corporate risk.

6. Flexible Deployment

Alfresco Digital Business Platform has a very flexible deployment structure. It can be deployed on premises or in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud configuration whatever is best suited to your organization infrastructure and information access architecture.

7. Intelligence and Analytics

Analytics Intelligence is one of the key features of Alfresco platform. It includes everything right from smart automation to adding context to information. Alfresco can act on the context via intelligent and adaptable processes and provide the foundation for analytics enhancing efficiency.

The various business benefits of Alfresco Digital Business Platform are as follows:

  • It is open and easy to integrate and exceptionally extendable.
  • It enhances user productivity and helps in collaborating from anywhere.
  • It helps in bringing content and process seamlessly together.
  • The information is Governance simplified.
  • Enterprise security is at the max priority.

Time is changing and this is the era of bleeding edge technology, so organizations need a modern approach to an enhanced customer engagement and agility towards achieving the goal of digital transformation. Alfresco Digital Business Platform will fill in the gap between “haves” and “have more”. So go out and explore Alfresco Digital Business Platform that activates the process and content to simplify and enhance the business flow.

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