Intelligent Apps – The Next Step Forward In Advanced Mobile Application Development

Intelligent Apps – The Next Step Forward In Advanced Mobile Application Development

In today’s digital era, mobile applications are being used to perform functions in every possible segment of any given industry. Technology has become one of the key components of building top quality mobile applications which has resulted in an increased growth of business.

Integration of new technologies with the existing ones will enable more efficiency and better deployment. One such example includes the integration of AI with mobile application development. These kinds of mobile applications are also popularly known as ‘Intelligent Apps’.

What Are Intelligent Apps?

In order to understand why there is so much hype around intelligent apps, let us first look into what these apps are all about. Intelligent apps are those apps that make use of historical and real-time data on the basis of user interactions with the mobile application. This is done for the sole purpose of providing a more personalized and highly adaptive user interface.

Artificial Intelligence, being at the forefront of the ongoing technological revolution, immensely helps mobile applications in providing a faster, better, and more personalized experience to users. In fact, intelligent apps are being touted as one of the top technology trends of 2019.

Intelligent apps have the capability of effectively converging databases and data workhouse loads. The potential of these apps are being realised and utilized to the fullest capacity by different industries like wealth management and finance, media, marketing, health, etc.

B2C consumers are one of the most avid users of intelligent apps. But the days are not far behind when B2B consumers would also start utilizing intelligent apps. Some of the salient features of intelligent apps include:

1. It’s All About Data

Intelligent apps entirely revolve around the large amount of data that is gathered by the system. This is done by monitoring human interactions via sensory inputs and then combined with IoT, a complete package of intelligent and highly reliable analytical data emerges from the intelligent app.

2. Easy Adaptability

Intelligent apps are being used mainly for their level of adaptability that is fluid, effortless and simple. The reason for this high level of fluidity is purely due to constant monitoring of the ever-changing human behaviour by the app. Due to this dynamic nature of intelligent apps, companies can quickly meet the demands of the customer and get the required data on a real-time basis.

3. User Activity Based Predictive Behaviour

The in-depth analysis that intelligent apps provide, are extremely useful in personalization as well as ensuring continuous behavioural changes of the app. This is done by the app mainly for meeting the changing behavioural patterns of the users.

4. Eliminate The Need For Legacy Keyboard Inputs

The time has finally come when legacy keyboard inputs can be put aside, since the emergence of intelligent apps will enable users who have restricted physical movements to get easy access to all the features of the application. These apps analyse gestures, motions, speech inputs and biometrics of the user and adapt their features accordingly.

How To Bring About Intelligent Apps In Business?

Intelligent apps help in bringing about amazing results and substantial increase in the revenue figures of any company. Firstly, companies need to identify those areas where there is growth potential and then put the historical and existing data into the system. The architecture of the system should be in such a way that it leverages the best of machine learning, analytics and feedback loops to regularly supply effects into it. Finally, the current market trends in the industry can be easily identified and analysed via intelligent apps.

Where Are Intelligent Apps Used The Most?

There are many industries that are now embracing intelligent apps, mostly due to the amazing short term and long-term benefits associated with them. Intelligent apps are used by finance and wealth management service providers since they want all financial activities and services made available on a flexible digital platform.

Energy sector has also started implementing intelligent apps for handling large volumes of data that come in from different energy sources like solar,tidal and wind.

Media and entertainment industry are very active users of intelligent apps as they themselves utilize strong AI based technologies for promoting good quality SEO practices.

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