How to Use Salesforce Chatter Better?

How to Use Salesforce Chatter Better?

Here are 3 main STEPS, by which you can use SALESFORCE chatter more efficiently. Take a look


Follow relevant people and data Keep an eye on your co-workers and business associates, who important to you.

NOTE 1: User can check out all records that are enabled by chatter administrators such as account, contact, opportunity, cases and custom objects.

It comprises three factors to consider.

A. Find and engage experts onto your profileAlways use @mention to loop someone while conversation. Whether you want to notify your co-worker or simply giving kudos to some, @mention loop really help to sustain conversation on Chatter.

NOTE 2: Symbol #(Hash tag) before a word, makes your conversation running for longer time.

B. Collaborate with your clients/customers only at your private groupOn private group you can publish your personal business message that you want to hide from rest of people onto your profile.

NOTE 3: People, who have permission to “modify all Data”, can see all the posts, updates and files, even they can join PRIVATE GROUPS directly.

STEP 2: It consists of 3 factors –

A. Bookmark important things Using bookmark one can create a PRIVATE LIST on chatter post. You can revisit it anytime and if not interested, you can simply REMOVE it.

NOTE 1: With Spring’12 you can see all the bookmark icons simultaneously (left sidebar).

B. Stay connected with mobileSalesforce chatterbox provides real-time synchronization across all devices right from desktop, smartphones to tablets.

NOTE 2: Supported devices are iPad, iPhone, blackberry and android.

C. Get help from chatter recommendationsRecommendation tab is navigated on the right hand side of chatter tab. It allows you easily discover about projects, marketing campaigns, business deal, great discussions and other opportunities.

NOTE 3: Recommendation offers you automatic suggestions to join RIGHT people and RIGHT group. It helps you get most OUT of Salesforce Chatter.

STEP 3: It involves three factors –

A. Control email notifications Professionals must have full control over their emails. You can manage your email setting via Setup > Personal Setup > My Chatter Setting > Chatter Email Settings.

NOTE 1: User can configure email notifications with Chatter Email Manager. You can even manage frequency and scope of emails.

B. Differentiate public and private group There is no LOCK option in public group. User can freely join it and everyone can access the public posts. However, in private group there is a LOCK selection. You’ll also get “Ask to Join” option.

NOTE 2: If you need to send PRIVATE MESSAGE to single or several users, click “Messages” option.

C. Why you are following?Be SELECTIVE with your chatter membership. If someone joins you, no need to join him/her until connection is beneficial for you. Only follow the people, who can add value to your profile.

NOTE 3: need to remember that you can only follow up to 500 people Maximum. Hopefully, number will be increased in future.

REFERENCES: salesforce, crmcloudcoach

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