How to Redesign Websites and Portals in Easy Steps?

How to Redesign Websites and Portals in Easy Steps?

redesign renowned websites and portals

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our NEW website that is going live today……” is really an exited moment for an entrepreneur here, an enthusiastic CEO there. Whenever you see this line, first thing you go looking for in the newly launched website is the ‘WHAT’s NEW’ section. If we talk about some reputed and renowned company’s site, we learn that the designing team puts such website under microscope for years before unveiling the NEW LOOK.

Questions that come to your mind before redesigning a new site

Several questions come in your mind when you think of website redesigning. However, if we talk about a million-user website, many more factors come to pass –

  • Why do you want it redesigned?
  • What type of redesigning you need?
  • How is your site being used currently?
  • When and how should you launch the new website? etc.

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Significant steps towards redesigning a millions user website

First step
(Benchmarking of recent metrics)
Second step
(Asset protection)
Third step
(Crafting of website around personas)
First, certified professional collects a clear picture of the site along with its performance history.E.g. number of visits, visitors, unique visitors, new leads, online form submission, total sale generated and more. If you know that some site features are winners, so don’t lose them in redesigning. E.g. if you eliminate the page with higher inbound links, you would lose SEO credit as well as your keyword ranking. In this step, experts create a fictional representation of site, keeping in mind the customer’s expectations and desires.

  1. A. Segmentation of demographics- Categorize the customers base.
  2. B. Identification of client’s need- Identifies what problem clients are facing and what they need actually?
  3. C. Designing behaviour based profile- Experts consider that what is the behaviour of their customers? Eg-Are they active on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms? How frequently do they use your products?



Recent Case Study:

{Client– paradise aquarium house,

Project Title-Paradise aquarium house website redesigning,

Duration– January-September 2013,

Challenge-our client approached us with a tricky request. They wanted redesigning of their website, make it accessible for smartphones and enhance its visitor base.}

So let’s tell you how we went about completing this project!

We began our designing process as per the needs of client. Nowadays there are multitudes of devices including smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. We initially started building and structuring for the desktop version. Then we focused on making it responsive to enable all functionalities and clean view of the website for different types of devices. Our professionals eliminated the material that was no longer needed or retired.

Next we audit the EXISTING WEBSITE and determine how it can be improved. Next we shift our focus to navigation. We draw a sleek, modern and colour palette interface with nice gradients, sharp edge and high contrast. Finally, after months of hard work, we finalized the design with the completion of front and back end development team to yield a simple colourful graceful genuine website!



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