Field Tracker App: One App, Multiple Solutions!

Field Tracker App: One App, Multiple Solutions!

In the first part of the series of blogs on the Field Tracker App, we introduced the features of the app and how it helps Salesforce® users in seamless tracking of field data on a single interface! Apart from this, it helps in resolving issues related to data retention, auditing experience, and operational efficiency. Users can now track over 80 objects and track the ‘user’ and ‘campaign’ objects as well in the latest release.

In this blog, you’ll know the benefits of incorporating it into your workflow for a streamlined experience.

Benefits Availed by Customers

Stack Data Limitlessly

Salesforce® users can now save Field History Tracking for an unlimited period of time! This helps them to keep a track of all the changes made in data in the past, so it releases the steam and helps them unwind knowing that data can be accessed at any point in time and will not face any storage issue because now there are no limits.

Easy Tracking

Ease of tracking field object changes, as it is all combined on a single view platform. So now, customers can change any field, anytime. Variety of field types tracking available with more objects added for convenience.

Remove the Unnecessary

Now, admins can activate and deactivate tracking easily and also streamline the process to easily discover data redundancy and duplicity with ease with just a few clicks.

The app has gathered 5-star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange® platform for its ‘Quote Line Tracking’, ‘Field History Tracking’, and ‘User Object Tracking,’ apart from its other new features.

Here’s what Salesforce Consultant Ike Wagh has to say about the Field Tracker App:

How Will it Improve Your Life?

Algoworks Field Tracker App is a smart tool that enables you to customize data by tracking and auditing seamlessly. You can now-

Eases troubleshooting:

You can get a recap of all the changes in a specific time frame where you’ll be able to see changes made at a particular time.

Audit like a 5-star auditor:

Now audit from basic auditing to advanced auditing in a seamless flow.

Cost-Efficient? Yes Indeed!:

Save time, reduce the number of hours per month, and reduce costs to work like pro users.

Workflow Efficiency:

Enhance the way you manage tasks and be more productive.

Reduce stress:

With more control over customization and tracking, relax and know that you have the tracking support for life. Better visualization of the tracked data.

Wonder how you can incorporate the Field Tracker App and simplify your life? Watch the demo here:

Find the user guide to the app here.

Want to explore the features? Read the first blog of the series: Manage Field Data Seamlessly With Algoworks Field Tracker

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