Busting 5 Myths Around Salesforce

Busting 5 Myths Around Salesforce

In today’s fast-paced world, there are a lot of businesses and start-ups who come up with a ground-breaking idea but unfortunately fail to make it work. Now there are several reasons for their eventual failure but one of the leading causes is mismanagement of customer relationships. This is where a CRM’s work starts.

A CRM is an acronym for a Customer Relationship Management system, which is essentially a platform to manage and record interactions between the business and its customers. How will it benefit an organization? Well, the analytic tools of a CRM facilitate building customer relationships and streamline processes which will in turn benefit them in increasing sales, improving customer service and increasing profitability.

Busting 5 Myths Around Salesforce

Salesforce is the best CRM platform out there. But what does Salesforce do that clearly sets it out of the competition?

Say you wanted to buy a car, and you have a specific set of requirements. There are a lot of alternatives in the market. If you need more space you buy an SUV, if you want performance you can get a muscle car and if you want sheer luxury and comfort there’s no alternative to a sedan. So, you go to your nearest car dealership and look at a few alternatives and buy a car that checks all the boxes.

Ever wondered why you don’t go to a mechanic to build a car from scratch that will meet all your specifications? Imagine the insurmountable costs and the colossal amount of time that would go into doing that. For a long time in the software industry, this is what used to happen; companies used to approach developers with a whole bunch of specifications, and then they used to work on it from scratch.

The advent of salesforce changed it all. It is an existing CRM that meets the needs of every business, and if it doesn’t then it can be modified to meet specific needs. Salesforce also provides a platform to build cloud-based applications from scratch.

Salesforce provides a platform to build cloud-based applications

The Myths Surrounding Salesforce

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to use salesforce to its full potential and that is because of the myths surrounding them. today we are looking at 5 of the common myths surrounding the sales force and busting them.

1. Salesforce is only for sales

Salesforce did start as a company that only provides CRM services but we have definitely come a long way since then. Today Salesforce is a multidimensional platform that can cater to the needs of a business. Whether it’s marketing or administration, salesforce’s array of tools is there to take a deeper look into everything. The Salesforce marketing cloud offers extensive tools like email marketing which goes way deeper than competitors like Mailchimp. Salesforce Pardot offers easy B2B marketing automation.

2. Salesforce can’t meet the needs of every industry

Customer relationships are a uniquely universal factor in every business in today’s world. It’s simply impossible to sustain without knowing a target demographic and how the actions of your business in manipulating them. The fact is that salesforce has expanded its business outside the sales domain a long time ago. Lately, they have moved into Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail, Manufacturing, Communications, Media, Government, Automotive, Higher Education, and Nonprofit industries.

Myth- Salesforce can’t meet the needs of every industry

3. Some business processes are too unique for Salesforce

Though no one can deny that no one business is the same, it never is too complicated to be managed by salesforce. The best part about Salesforce is the adaptability feature that allows the platform to be customized down to every little specific. They have also come up with something called AppExchange which makes searching for apps easier and facilitates further customization.

4. One has to be a technological guru to use Salesforce

Though using salesforce is not an easy task. One needs to have a basic understanding of working on cloud-based platforms and the basics of computing and coding. But as a matter of fact, you don’t need to have a degree in computer sciences to use salesforce. Salesforce is a unique platform that needs to be understood like a separate course. With proper dedication and training, one can become excellent in salesforce in mere weeks.

5. Getting started with salesforce needs a lot of initial funding

Salesforce is not a free service, but just like any other platform, it is very scalable and can be customized to suit your business. If you have a really small-scale business, you might not need as many resources as an MNC would. Therefore, Salesforce can be accessed with a subscription of as low as $20 per month.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of CMR service providers out there, but Salesforce is clearly the best one by a longshot. There is no room for an argument here as the numbers speak for themselves, Salesforce has been the number one CRM worldwide for eight consecutive years; the 1999 company has an annual revenue of 21.25 Bn USD and is expected to see a 20% growth in the following couple of years.

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