Algoworks Is Glad To Announce Partnership With WebMerge

Algoworks Is Glad To Announce Partnership With WebMerge

A. Introduction To WebMerge

Webmerge is an online platform that gives the ability to collect data easily, allowing to populate a document, and sending it to any contact automatically. It provides flexible document types, dynamic content, and delivery options that fit into business requirements.

WebMerge automatically merges Salesforce® object data into a PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation immediately. It can also be used for automating the documentation part, such as invoice generation, sending it to the client, contract, agreement, application, hiring etc. Using WebMerge helps in minimizing the efforts of copying and pasting contents for document creation.

B. How Does WebMerge Work?

The first and foremost step is to install the WebMerge app from Salesforce Appexchange® before integrating WebMerge with Salesforce®. Prior to using the WebMerge app for generating a document, make sure to authorize the WebMerge account with Salesforce®.

1. Building Online Document

Upon installing the WebMerge app, creating your document becomes a real easy task, as easy as creating a document in any word processor. The WebMerge editor is qualified to integrate your document with third-party services. It preloads the field names and grants you the full authority of how your document appears and feels.

2. Uploading A Fillable PDF

A fillable PDF is the one that allows you to type data directly into the PDF and then print. However, this format does not allow you to save your PDF with the data you entered. But when we merge the PDF with the data, your complete information is retained.

3. Merging Microsoft Office Documents

Not only does WebMerge makes uploading a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document as your template easy, it also makes for a flexible process. You can easily alter your document with WebMerge and a Microsoft Office document, after a merge happens, and continue with editing the manner of the document you are creating.

C. Features Of WebMerge

WebMerge comes with multiple features that permit you to customize your documents and
makes your workflow efficient.

1. Fillable PDF Forms

This feature of WebMerge automatically makes the fields available to merge once you upload your document, and delivers steady and efficient document each time.

2. Word Documents

This feature is perfect for those who want to edit a document after a merge, or want to make modifications like a Word document does. It allows uploading your Word document with the merge fields and then creates a DOCX after the merge.

3. Excel Spreadsheets

The potential of Excel spreadsheets is another thing WebMerge offers. Upload your spreadsheets with merge fields, calculations, charts, etc., and you will get a merged spreadsheet with complete data.

4. PowerPoint Presentations

With this feature, all you have to do is upload your PowerPoint presentation with your merge fields, and a fine presentation will be generated which can easily be customized according to your clientele.

5. Powerful Content

WebMerge helps you create customized documents based on your collected data. Create a single document instead of multiple documents and use conditions to deduce the segments to be inserted in the merged document.

6. Data Security

Understanding the importance of data privacy, WebMerge gives full authority over how your data is distributed. All the information is kept safe as WebMerge does not keep any data that is sent to their system. It also provides the feature of setting passwords for PDFs.

D. Conclusion

Being a WebMerge Consulting Partner, Algoworks has helped clients with the integration of WebMerge and Salesforce® and executed custom workflows as well. Contact us for WebMerge and Salesforce® integration related queries.

Disclaimer: Salesforce, Sales Cloud, and others are trademarks of, inc., and are used here with permission.

References: Astrea IT, WebMerge

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