Salesforce® Summer’17 To Raise The Temperature This Season!

Salesforce® Summer’17 To Raise The Temperature This Season!

Anticipation and excitement start as soon as news of Salesforce® update hits the market. Salesforce® is known for an average release of 200 plus features every update. In fact, it won’t be surprising at all to witness yet another lightning focussed release. So this time it will play around the enhancements and perfection around the Salesforce Lightning™ components.
So the things that we are looking forward to this summer are as follows:

1. Rolling Back Changes In Your Org

It allows to roll back changes in your org when a particular remote JavaScript methods throw an exception. In an apex class when a JavaScript method is calling a remote action and it happens to throw an exception the action thus remains incomplete. Prior to this scenario when a method threw an exception the action was completed. For a more deep understanding, we can take an example like if you have an Apex class that used a remote action to add a particular account to your org and the method threw an exception the account was any way added to your org but now it does not get added instead. So with this upgrade the JavaScript remote methods that happen to throw exception can no longer reflect any change in the org.

2. Revamped Migration Assistant

Another imperative feature of this release is the revamping of Migration Assistant and giving the provision of options to enhance Salesforce Lightning™ Experience adoption.This time Salesforce® will enlighten you with more valuable insights into how ready your organization is to make the switch to Salesforce Lightning™. It will help you to promote the Salesforce Lightning™ Experience adoption via the ability to remove the access for users to switch back to the Classic view.Hence with release , strong>Salesforce® is making a tremendous push towards promoting Salesforce Lightning™ Experience use.

3. Cache Operations In Visualforce™ Controllers

The cache operations that were made using the put and the remove methods that were supported in the Cache Namespace the same concepts are now supported in the greater methods of Visualforce controllers and in constructors.

4. Metadata Accessibility In Apex

So in case you are an ISV involved in making apps that happen to use custom metadata components now you access the metadata using Apex. This change is applicable to both the Salesforce Lightning™ and Classic versions. So during or post install the app can create or as well update the metadata to allow the users to configure the app. The new metadata namespace can be used for accessing the metadata in the Apex code. The namespace contains the classes that will contain the components, metadata types and the classes that allow to retrieve or deploy metadata components as well in the subscriber org.

5. Permission To Disable Access To Non-global Apex Controller Methods In Managed Packages

This is quite an imperative update and it rectifies the access controls on Apex controllers in managed packages. So in this scenario when this updated is done only the methods that are marked with the global access modifiers are accessible by the Salesforce Lightning™ components from beyond the boundaries of package namespace. They restrict you from making use of unsupported API methods that were not meant for global access by the package. Before this update was made the non-global methods or the unmarked Apex controller methods could be accessed by the Salesforce Lightning™ components that were beyond the package namespace.

6. Lead Conversion

With the upcoming Summer’17 release the lead conversion process will be simplified to a large extent with the vital improvements in the Salesforce Lightning™ experience.It finally upgrades its ability to relate the files and records to the account or contact that was made after the lead was converted. The Account Matching feature will also give you the provision to type ahead and aid you to deal with n number of matches.

7. Productivity Enhancements

This time Salesforce Lightning™ Experience has vouched on the fact to give big productivity improvements in terms of how the teams are going to make maximum utilization of Activities within Salesforce. The timeline view is a major improvement where you can hide or show details of an individual task explicitly or expand the details for every task available on the list.

Salesforce® Summer’17 comes with a lot of more exciting and imperative upgrades to make your summer even hotter! These are a few handpicked upgrades which made to my list..what are yours?

Disclaimer: Salesforce, Sales Cloud®, and others are trademarks of, inc., and are used here with permission.


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Pratyush Kumar

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Pratyush KumarSalesforce® Summer’17 To Raise The Temperature This Season!