Algoworks Partners Up With Formstack

Algoworks Partners Up With Formstack

Algoworks recently partnered up with Formstack to become Certified Formstack Salesforce App Partner.


A data management solution, Formstack was founded in 2006 by Ade Olonoh, which currently serves more than 500,000 users in 112 countries. Formstack helps users to gather information through different types of online forms, surveys, registrations, job applications, and payment forms. Its products and services strive to help professionals of all industries gather and manage data proficiently.

It offers an entirely native form-building app for Salesforce, which is another interesting feature that any Salesforce aficionado would enjoy.

Here are some of the Formstack Salesforce app features that can help you make the most out of creating dynamic forms:

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1. Dynamic pre-fill:

The dynamic pre-fill feature enables contacts and customers to fill forms faster via personalized experience. It allows filling fields automatically with the data already shared by the customers with you, allowing these dynamic forms to apprehend new details and quickly update records. You can pre-fill fields in the form by using static data that you have already defined while creating or publishing your form. You can even load data from Salesforce records that already exist into your forms dynamically. Apart from this, you can send forms through an automatically generated link or emails which will help users edit their information easily. All the updates can also be sent to their Salesforce records directly.

2. Electronic signatures:

Formstack provides the feature of adding an electronic signature field to your Salesforce forms. Doing this boosts the chances of increasing sales productivity and closing deals quicker. Formstack allows gathering and validating electronic signatures quickly to help you finalize reports, contracts, disclosures, and more. With this feature, you can collect initials, full names, include dates and “I agree” checkbox, or even decide whether you want people to draw or type their names.

3. Community forms:

Dynamic forms rule out the need to code in Salesforce Visualforce and Apex. It helps you capture data seamlessly from the users in your Community that can be directly published in the Salesforce Community Cloud. Community forms offer an easy way to your customers, employees, and partners to ask questions and share information with you. The drag and drop feature lets you establish forms in a few minutes. You can connect data to any custom or standard object in Salesforce (including accounts, leads, and cases) and tie submissions to users who are logged-in without having to upsert.

4. Native Cloud:

Native Cloud helps you keep away from entering the data manually with PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant forms. You can collect PHI and PII data with ease for Salesforce, without compromising security. You can build an automated data workflow in Salesforce that spans across core systems such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, and Government Cloud.

5. Payment processing:

In Salesforce Apex, you can manage registrations, online orders, donations, and a lot more effortlessly without the need for complex coding. Formstack allows easy payments processes through iATS, PayPal Pro, Authorize.Net, and Stripe.

Being a Certified Formstack Salesforce App Partner, Algoworks helps clients with the integration of Formstack and Salesforce and serves as a consultant with any kind of form building service using Formstack.

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