Technology turned into Money Plant For AI Startup – SurveyAuto

Technology turned into Money Plant For AI Startup – SurveyAuto

Based in Amsterdam, SurveyAuto was founded in 2019. This AI-based startup collects data using machine learning technology. They use machine learning to recognize target groups and audiences utilizing satellite imagery. They monitor and track the census in real-time which makes the data authentic and keeps it updated using artificial intelligence. Their advanced platform is helping developing nations collect authentic data with the help of trailblazing technology.

How did SurveyAuto make the best use of Technology?

If you are wondering how this AI startup is helping the problems of data churning, read on to understand how SurveyAuto made the best use of technology.

The entire process of collecting and churning out meaningful information from a wide array of data is a tricky job. This has been simplified by SurveyAuto. The fast-moving product sector has benefitted the most from this. For them generating granular and real-time information is a success key. This helps in tracking their product channels, trade, sales, distribution, promotion, and marketing.

AI technology

Let’s have a look at a few products of SurveyAuto to understand how this small business leverages machine learning and Artificial intelligence to churn out relevant information from the maps of data.

  • Hyper Ads
  • Field Force
  • Big Analyzer
  • Sample Online
  • Auto Engage
  • Sat View

SurveyAuto’s Financial Model

According to Dr. Umar Saif, who is the CEO of SurveyAuto, the product implementation involves the use of Big data and machine learning to provide actionable pointers for the brands to create insights that lay greater emphasis on the utility of technology at large.

Financial Model

Dr. Umar Saif also iterates that SurveyAuto functions on a crowdsourcing model. When the data gets collected, who collects it and who reports it is decided by machine learning. This has proven to be a pocket-friendly endeavor all the while minimizing the room for errors.

Order amongst Chaos

SurveyAuto creates specific models considering the requirement of each category, channel, area of distribution, and profile of the consumer. The problem of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from different channels is solved by this AI-based platform.

Machine learning

Every model uses prime Machine learning technology to enhance the experience of consumers. It pays close attention to minute details and trends which in turn are scrutinized and elucidated in real-time. These insightful data points can be used in marketing, sales, distribution, and promotions.

SurveyAuto has the capabilities to process hundreds of thousands to millions of data points parallel to delivering relevant information that otherwise may take a longer time to generate. The product seemed so promising that it interested the tech giant Bill Gates. Now that’s a promising stakeholder which ensures trust. Noticing the capabilities of the platform, Bill and Melinda Gates invested $182.421 to enable the business to achieve new heights.

If you’re still questioning what put this product on the path to success, the answer would be a better use of technology. SurveyAuto has been using Artificial intelligence to improve the quality of life in developing nations. Let us have a look at the services that are creating an order in the chaotic world of data:

Population and SEC Maps

With the help of the analysis done via satellite imagery, SurveyAuto aims to resolve the biggest problem of developing nations- the deficiency of accurate data on population.

Retail Audit Survey

Usually done to track the value, distribution, and volume of the market share. Retail Audit Survey has its own challenges as it becomes a tricky task to capture data across the categories basis human interactions. This has led to the process becoming tedious, inaccurate, and heavy on the pocket. The use of machine learning makes it possible for SurveyAuto to execute such tasks very conveniently.


Social Sector Survey

With experience in executing large-scale surveys, SurveyAuto is well into the development and social sector. Their large network in the rural areas enables them to wrench out to the far-located area and settlements efficiently and in no time. Their team of consultants and experts lend a hand in providing meaningful and actionable insights as they have a better understanding of the issues.

Computer-Aided Telephonic Interviews

COVID-19 gave rise to the popularity of telephonic interviews once again. The trained team at SurveyAuto with their auto-dialers, staff, and wide database allows them to get their hands on extensive data that benefits their clients in a pocket-friendly manner.


Consumer Insights Survey

The consumer of today is informed and educated. They browse reviews online and have a share of voice. This is why it has become important to understand the behavior and mindset of any consumer; their preferences and journey alike. To understand the continuous changes in the behavior of any consumer, SurveyAuto provides a customized panel. It helps in collecting both qualitative and quantitative data.

Final Thoughts

The AI-based startup – SurveyAuto has been successfully providing real-time help to Fast Moving goods which require huge data converted into real-time information. They are doing this job proactively by making the best use of trending technologies like AI-based Big Data & Machine Learning. This in return is providing their clients a clarity to understand and target the right audience in a better manner. All the while SurveyAuto is creating a better user experience for the consumers worldwide.

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